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Jun 14—25, 2020
12 days
Moscow, Idaho, United States
USD 13750
USD 1145 per day


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About the course

The Energy Executive Course has earned a worldwide reputation as the premier industry-driven executive education program designed specifically for energy company leaders. Led by a nationwide industry advisory committee of experts, the course provides executives with a comprehensive analysis of the industry’s top challenges and opportunities, as well as training to enhance leadership abilities. Held in a dynamic academic environment, the Energy Executive Course's intensive three-week format combines some of the energy industry’s best leaders with a world-class faculty and a competency-based curriculum. The extensive networking opportunities during the course provide participants with a global community for exchanging ideas, best practices, and insights to adapt and lead for the future.

The comprehensive curriculum helps participants build in-depth knowledge, leadership skills, a strategic mind-set, global vision, and professional networks. With over 100 in-class faculty contact hours and educational study tours, the coursework offers full immersion in the energy industry. A rigorous evaluation process ensures relevant and timely content.


  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Natural Gas Production, Transmission and Delivery
  • How Utilities Make Money
  • Financial Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Regulation and Rate Making
  • Effective Rate Making in the Evolving Regulatory Landscape


  • Leading Self and Others
  • Putting New Knowledge to Work
  • Current Issues Facing CFO's
  • New Energy Consumer
  • Workforce of Today and Tomorrow


  • Customer Experience
  • Fuel Diversity: Integrated Resource Planning
  • Wholesale Power Markets
  • Energy Security
  • Environmental Collaboration
  • Current Issues in the Natural Gas Industry
  • Grid Modernization


  • Energy Company of the Future
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Design Thinker Simulation
  • Electric Power Industry Outlook
  • Future Think Scenario Planning
  • Evolving Utility in a Shrinking Global Market

Course Objectives

Participation in the Energy Executive Course is an inspiring and transforming experience — resulting in more successful leadership as well as increased knowledge and professional growth. The course is designed and tailored for energy company leaders to:

  • Broaden understanding of the evolving energy company and its changing business environment. This understanding includes customer requirements, new priorities and issues, developing technologies, and the dynamics of the changing business and regulatory environment.
  • Enhance the ability to lead and make decisions confidently. This ability focuses on meeting the challenges of leadership and decision-making in a climate of increasing customer choice, rising expectations, fluctuating prices, shifting strategies, and global competition in the marketplace.
  • Create a rewarding environment that fosters personal and professional networks. These networks serve as on-going resources through the exchange of ideas, experiences, best practices, and perspectives.

Competency Based

Industry knowledge, Adaptability, Strategic thinking, Global perspective. In an era of unprecedented industry challenges, these are just some of the competencies today's energy company managers must master in order to meet the growing demands of leadership. The competency-based curriculum ensures a well-rounded learning experience, allowing participants to increase knowledge and skills while finding new ways to enhance professional effectiveness. The program is committed to developing the capabilities of all its participants in five major areas of competency:

  • Building in-depth knowledge... of the complex energy industry.
  • Developing leadership skills... specifically related to successful management in the energy industry.
  • Building a strategic mind-set... to lead your workforce in today's dynamic marketplace.
  • Developing a global vision... of what your work group, company, and industry can become.
  • Building professional networks... for sharing best practices with a wide array of individuals throughout the industry.

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