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Associate Professor

Speciality : Management

Expertise : Self-management, career management, team management


Inge De Clippeleer is Associate Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School. She holds a Master in Educational Sciences from Ghent University (Belgium). Her research is situated in the domain of Organizational Behavior and zooms in on individual job crafting and team crafting – how individuals and teams proactively mold and organize work so it better fits their strengths and passions. She worked for about ten years at Vlerick Business School, where she was lecturing on the topics of self-management, career management, team management, and leadership development for Master and executive audiences. Furthermore, she was responsible for the career coaching of Vlerick’s MBA participants, and has extensive experience in coaching executives and teams.

Main academic publications

International Journal of Human Resource Management (2016), Creativity and Innovation Management (2014), Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2009)

Vlerick Business School Executive Education
Visiting Professor

Driven to discover and contribute to your career development and personal growth, Inge helps you gain insight into the key principles of self-management needed for personal mastery and professional success. Inge De Clippeleer is Lecturer at Vlerick Business School and works as Senior Research Associate in the area of People & Organisation. She holds a university degree in Pedagogical Sciences from the University of Ghent. Her interests include self-management, career management, team management and professional management skills. Together with Prof Dr Dirk Buyens, she is responsible for the Centre for Excellence in Career Management. Internationally she has taught around Europe and in Russia and lectures in the accredited European Human Resources Management programme – a programme run in close collaboration with EM Lyon and Copenhagen Business School among others. Next to her research and lectures she is career coach to Vlerick MBA students and executive coach in management development programmes.


Job Title : Visiting Professor

Management Domain


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Human Resource Management
Career Management
Team Management
Professional Management Skills
Personal Development through Coaching

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