Henrik Blomgren

Assistant Professor at KTH Executive School


KTH Executive School

Henrik holds a PhD in Industrial Marketing and a MSc in Engineering. He has about 20 years of analytical and industrial experience working with strategy and marketing.

Examples of current Research:

  • Digital Transformation: Threat or opportunity vs Digital Disruption? 2016 - ongoing.
  • Project Disruptive Education: Mapping the business landscape of the future of education due to digital media, prime movers, market change and globalization entering the scene. 2012 - ongoing.
  • Project Mobile Marketing: The future of marketing in a digital mobile environment. 2012 - ongoing.

I’m not a digital Don Quijote. Eventhough life tend to create that feeling from time to time. But then you my dear Sancho Panza help us both to get back on track. Instead I’m more like a digital Christopher Columbus...but with the purpose of avoiding the kind of navigation mistakes that he did. Explorer, discoverer, consultant, educator, entrepreneur, map maker, adviser, storyteller and guide. That is what I am. My world? Industrial change and leadership in times of digital change. In other words: the same one as yours! Decades spent in the learning-industry in many different forms. China, US, Russia, Iran, Europe, all over. Gradually found that I do have a particular interest: Learning in a digital setting. Disruptive Education: a great term! The reason I bought that site years ago.

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