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Pierre-Marie Gallois is an Affiliate Professor at ESCP Europe. He is also Associate and Past President of Proconseil Consulting Group.
He is an expert in industrial management, Lean manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and in Performance and continuous improvement management.
While supporting industrial companies in the development of their competitiveness and in their progress plans, professor Gallois teaches in Universities and takes part in research projects.
At ESCP Europe, professor Gallois is involved in the MBA and executive programs teaching Operations Management, Operational excellence and Global Supply Chain.
During his career, professor Gallois has been involved in several international research programs in the field of Advanced Manufacturing. He was a member of the International Technical Committee in the IMS research programme (Intelligent Manufacturing Systems).
He has conducted study trips in Japan and in the Far East and has participated in numerous national and international conferences as a lecturer promoting new approaches for industrial excellence. He has also been involved in the Joint Management Development Program in Johannesburg, South Africa.
He has published many articles, working documents (L''art du Pilotage Industriel, L''excellence opérationnelle, Lean Management, Global synchronous manufacturing and logistics organization, a success, in Supply Chain Forum 09/2000, Production synchrone et logistique globale in Revue Française de Gestion Industrielle 03/2001) and two books on the management of industrial performance: Evaluation for Evolution, 1992 and From Stone to Cathedral, 1996.
He started his career as an advisor to the Ministry of Industry in Cameroon&nbsp - - then he joined the Vallourec Group (world leading company in steel pipes production) where he held various management positions. Then, before joining Proconseil, he was International Managing Consultant with Cap Gemini&nbsp - (the European leader of professional services).
Professor Pierre-Marie Gallois is a graduate engineer (MSc.). He took his degree at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (Paris, 1974). He holds the APICS (Association for operations management - USA) Certification in Industrial Management (1987) at the Fellow level and a Certification in Theory Of Constraints.
He fluently speaks French, English and Spanish.

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