Aalto University School of Business
Managing Partner at The Madeleine Group Ab, & Partner at Courage Ventures Funds

New ventures have the potential to change the world. They are exciting, energizing, even addictive adventures that emerge on their own or inside existing organizations. Yet only a handful of them succeed, and nobody knows in advance those that will make it. Chances are the unprepared will fail. This is where I come in.

I help startups and other entrepreneurial teams maximize their chances of success.

With battle-tested tools and practices (and in certain cases, funding), I empower teams to develop scalable business models through significant customer growth. My main goal? To help them scrutinize their business’ value creation and equip them to explore opportunities with exponential impact.

I have a passion for entrepreneurship and for helping entrepreneurial teams. In this capacity, I’ve been privileged to work with and support some of the most talented teams at various startups and other organizations, such as accelerators, corporates, universities, and others. Some of these teams have received substantial professional investment, gained significant customer traction, and are profitable and growing.

This has been my adventure and part of the reason why I invest in teams that want to make a positive impact in their world. I am best positioned to add value in the Education, Health & Wellness, or Environment sectors, and I share extensive international networks with my team that allow us to connect people globally, particularly in the USA.

Specialty areas: Business Model Development, Customer Development, Customer Growth, Financing, Fundraising, Startups, New Ventures, Networks, Networking, Ecosystem Development, Go to Market, USA, Lean Startups, Training, Workshops.

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