Alliance Manchester Business School

I teach courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I aim to make sure my teaching is informed by current events and provides some key learning points and takeways that might allow students to see the world, or an aspect of it, a bit differently. Where appropriate, I also like to use in-class experiments to shed light on subjects such as consumer behaviour or research methods. The experiments do not always work, but we always learn something from them and it's usually entertaining!

Academic and professional qualifications

PhD University of Leeds (Geography)

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Fellow of the Institute of Place Management

Visiting Professor, Higher School of Economics, Moscow & St Petersburg

Previous employment

2011-2016: Professor of Marketing, Alliance Manchester Business School

2006-2011: Senior Lecturer, Manchester Business School

1996-2006: Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

Other academic service (administration and management)

Previous management roles include:

2012-2014: Head of Division, Marketing Operations Management and Service Systems at Manchester Business School.

2008-2011: Chair of the School Board, Manchester Business School.

2007-2010: Head of the Marketing Group, Manchester Business School.

Research expertise

My research is focused principally on place marketing and management, with the work I have done in this area beginning back in the mid-1990s when I was part of a team of academics looking at the emergent topic of town centre management within the UK. Since then, I have continued to examine the complex interactions between places, spaces, and those who produce, manage and consume them, reflecting my academic training as a geographer. Recently completed studies have addressed issues such as stakeholder interactions in urban place partnerships, how litter affects people’s perceptions of space and crime, the potential role of smell in the marketing of places, and issues of commodification, scale and performativity in relation to urban toponymic inscription. Another strand of my research is concerned with management in higher education (HE), and I have undertaken recent work looking at the role of the impact bias in student evaluation, and investigating the challenge of contract cheating and essay mills.

I am also the Editor of the Journal of Place Management and Development, ranked 9th out of 122 Urban Studies journals in Scopus in 2016, and listed as 2* on the Chartered Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Guide (2018). My own work can be followed in a number of leading academic journals, including: Environment and Planning A, British Educational Research Journal, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Cities, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, Marketing Theory, Studies in Higher Education, Tourism Management and Urban Geography.

Academic collaborations

Over the last three years I have been engaged in research projects with some key external partners in the North West of England, including Manchester City Council and City Football Group. I am also involved in ongoing research collaborations with colleagues at Alliance Manchester Business School, Queen's University Belfast, and the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and St Petersburg, where I am a Visiting Professor.

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