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Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader: Tourism and Events Management

I am a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events Management with teaching and research interests across the range of these closely-related subjects. I currently teach critical issues in events, destination management, staging and evaluating events, tourism in global contexts, and contemporary issues in tourism and events. My research interests focus on cultural tourism, national identities, visual culture, tourism and embodied practice and event experiences. Particular topics of current interest include emotional responses to leisure, brand activations, heritage cultures, wrestling events, retro-gaming and foodservice quality. My research background is in cultural geography, and my PhD thesis (2006, University of Durham) focused on the use of festivals and cultural events in the promotion of regional and national identities in Scotland, with a particular focus on Highland Games, literary events, folk music concerts and the Aberdeenshire Doric dialect. I am particularly interested in the development of theory in the emerging field of events studies as well as practical applications of theory in events management and tourism contexts.
Area of expertise I work with public and private sector partners with a strong focus on the creative and cultural industries, arts, tourism and events management. My role at UWE Bristol is as the faculty link person for the creative industries as well as the programme leader for the MSc Events Management degree. My areas of expertise encompass customer experience, destination management and marketing, and festival and event management. I am also responsible for work-based learning and employer relations in events management and work closely with local and regional partners in developing placement opportunities, consultancy and research interactions.

My specific current interests focus on continuing professional development in the creative sector, event and festival impacts, socio-cultural understandings of consumers, experiential marketing and event evaluation. Recent projects include an exploration of consumer experiences in the leisure industry with McCann and Boundless, and a programme of applied research examining marketing activations at events with a number of marketing, food and drink industry partners.


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