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Professor Montano earned her Ph.D. in Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in 1997. Since then, she has taught courses in decision sciences, information management, electronic commerce, and computational modeling. Dr. Montano has also published a number of papers in refereed journals including "Decision Support Systems", "IEEE Transactions", and "European Journal of Operational Research" as well as serving as a Principal (or Co-Principal) Investigator on several Federally funded research grants.


  • University of Pennsylvania - Ph.D.
  • University of Pennsylvania - M.S.
  • State University of New York at New Paltz - B.A.


Articles in Journals (15)

Montano, B. R., Yoon, V., Drummey, K., Liebowitz, J.. "Agent learning in the multi-agent contracting system [MACS].." Decision Support Systems, 45, 1 (2008): 140-149.

Montano, B. R., Yoon, V., Lowry, S., and Wilson, T. "A Multiagent System for US Government Defense Research Contracting." Communications of the ACM (2005)

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Montano, B. R., Dillon, R. "The Impact of Technology on Relationships within Organizations." Journal of Information Technology and Management (2005)

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Rubenstein-Montano, B., Buchwalter, J., and Liebowitz, J.. "Knowledge management: A U.S. Social Security Administration case study." Government Information Quarterly, 18 (2001): 223-253.

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Malaga, R. and Rubenstein-Montano, B.. "Toward web-based knowledge marts." Quarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce, 2, 3 (2001): 253-262.

Rubenstein-Montano, B., Anandalingam, G., and Zandi, I. "A genetic algorithm approach to policy design for consequence minimization." European Journal of Operational Research, 124, 1 (2000): 42-53.

Rubenstein-Montano, B.. "A survey of information systems for urban planning: Moving towards knowledge management." Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 24, 3 (2000): 155-172.

Rubenstein-Montano, B. and Zandi, I.. "An evaluative tool for solid waste management." ASCE Journal of Urban Planning and, 126, 3 (2000): 119-135.

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Articles in Conference/Workshop Proceedings (1) Montano, B. R., Porter, D. C., Malaga, R. A., Ord, J. K.. "Enhanced Reputation Scoring for Online Auctions." , Las Vegas, NV: ICIS, 2005.

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