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Data Governance & Privacy Engineer

Aurélie PolsAurélie was awarded Most Influential Industry Contributor by the US Digital Analytics Association (DAA) in 2015, co-founded Mind Your Privacy in Spain and is part of the Ethics Advisory Group of the EU Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) in Brussels.

Mantra: Data Driven Decision Making & Privacy by Design or Data is the New Infrastructure & Privacy is the New Green, Trust is the new Currency? Learn from Digital to be agile: test & fail fast while respecting Data Minimization, a basic Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) principle. Add the power of Big Data, keep an eye on what's legally acceptable to remain ethical.

Aurélie pioneered Digital analytics in Europe. This allowed her to co-found OX2 in Belgium in 2003, which was successfully sold to UK based Digitas LBi (Publicis) in 2008 with an EBIT of 20%. After co-founding Mind Your Group in Spain, addressing issues revolving around digital analytics, including Social Media and Privacy, she now works as an independent consultant, defining data flows and supporting companies in their risk exercises to determine potential data liabilities. Aurélie advised Israeli start-up MyPermissions and Krux Digital before their acquisition by Salesforce.

Dedicated to analytics since 2001, she is cited in Avinash Kaushik’s best selling book Web Analytics 2.0. She was Analytics Demystified’s initial principal consultant and helped launch the Analysis Exchange. Of International background she was Globalization Chair for the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and received an excellence award for her Privacy contributions to the digital analytics sector.

She focuses on delivering value to the bottom line while keeping an eye on Data Protection legislation, pushing a Privacy by Design agenda. This includes GDPR. Her main focus, besides coaching analysts & data officers, are data flows and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs); digital & analytics teams with their HR responsibility set-up & Privacy within the context of Big Data.

She speaks at events such as eMetrics, O'Reilly's Strata, Webit and the IAPP, The International Association of Privacy Professionals. Aurélie teaches Digital Analytics and Ethics & Privacy at the prestigious IE Business School in Madrid.

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