Working Conference on Managing You and me in Roles and Systems

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad


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Who should attend

This Working Conference is for anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of intra-group and inter-group processes in teams, and insights about dyads, couples, pairs that would help understand what facilitates and what impedes managerial and leadership processes in organisations. There could be advantages if members participate with colleagues in similar roles or from the same setting. Work dyads and couples are particularly encouraged to enroll. In this conference we view ‘management’ as a process, rather than ‘management’ as a collective noun. There is no requirement of any particular previous experience or knowledge, only willingness to learn from one’s experience. Participants will have opportunities to explore role-making and role-taking in a variety of settings to explore how inner and outer worlds of experiences affect management processes in groups and organisations.

Participants may come from professions, business, finance, politics, diplomacy, government and local authorities, NGOs, health services, social care, education, consultancy, justice systems, religious orders, agendabased activisms, and environmental organisations. This working conference is offered for managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, administrators, activists, educators, researchers, consultants, clinicians, service providers, professional and technical workers who wish to deepen their understanding and develop new skills for professional working.

About the course

Managing You and Me in Roles and Systems’ (MAYUMERS) is a Working Conference designed as an experiential learning institution for harvesting insights and developing skills that cannot be learnt from reading or listening to lectures.MAYUMERS provides a structured context of different systems and sub-systems in which to explore and learn from the dynamics around group relations, leadership, exercise of authority and emotional sub-groups in the lived experience.

Participants will have opportunities to deepen their understanding of how men and women can work together for engaging more effectively for outcomes from tasks and with greater satisfaction over processes. The processes in a working conference are similar to those we are familiar within our own and other organisations. The emerging insights are available for exploration and reflection and there is opportunity for developing skills to work with unconscious processes this makes the Conference experience different and valuable in mobilising authority from personal and organisational roles for managing change.

The MAYUMERS Conference is an invitation to explore and learn about management processes, systems and structures in organisations which are at the core of strategy. MAYUMERS is different from other working conferences offered by IIMA (such as AOSPOR) in two fundamental respects. Here, there is a special emphasis on understanding what it takes to embody roles and on dynamics of working as individuals, in dyads, as couples, within sub-groups, and managing boundaries for inter-group interfaces in organisations. Our focus would be around issues of competition and collaboration, team diversity, teamworking, management of gender equity, diversity, inclusivity, and other complexities around change that affect results and quality of work life.

Participants can experience and understand how they influence or are influenced by others and the ensuing consequences – intended and unintended, overt and covert. Thereby, they develop skills and sharpen insights into how strategies take shape from how groups function; how phenomena such as alliance and coalition formation affects understanding of the group by the group and shapes motives and powerbases; how competition, rivalry, and exploration of what lies beyond immediate awareness unravels ‘pictures of relatedness’ that may remain hidden in everyday interaction.

The politics of disharmony in managing differences and diversities in organisations can adversely impact people, processes and potentialities. Leadership capabilities are next to impossible to develop without adequate experiential understanding of how men and women have similar but also different repertoires from which to evolve appropriate personal styles. Women as professionals are particularly vulnerable if they are constrained to limit development of their capabilities only within a limited range of behaviour that is consistent with masculine paradigms. This is sadly the outcome from many programmes claiming to enhance leadership capacities among professional women. Men as professionals also experience surprises bordering on bewilderment and considerable anxiety in the search for collaborative equilibria with greater variety in managerial styles due to increased diversity.


Ajeet Mathur

Ajeet N. Mathur is Professor in Strategy and International Business, concurrently affiliated to the Economics and Business Policy Areas at IIM Ahmedabad. His interests are at the crossroads of economics, human behaviour in groups, law, strategic management of organisational knowing and internatio...

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Working Conference on Managing You and me in Roles and Systems at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

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