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May 20—Oct 23, 2020
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London, United Kingdom
GBP 10500 ≈USD 14571
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About the course

Step up to a top level role, and maximise your impact. We work with you and a sponsor from your organisation to accelerate your next move. Your learning journey comprises 4 months of flexible online study, and a 4.5 day classroom module on campus in London.

Programme Impact

Take your place at the top

Seal your success with the mindset, the skills and the network to move to the top level. Our unique 4-month programme blends online and classroom learning to maximise your career impact.

Benefits for you

  • Drive your career progression and transition to a greater leadership role in your organisation.
  • Gain the mindset, tools and confidence to lead with impact, and navigate uncertainty and change.
  • Develop the skills to articulate a vision and inspire followers, and gain strategic communication skills to manage key stakeholders and influence without authority.
  • Rethink your personal leadership style and explore and experiment with new approaches.
  • The only programme in the world which works with your line manager or sponsor to design and execute an action plan for change.
  • Build a network of female peers from diverse backgrounds to support you as you progress.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Build diversity into your leadership and succession pipeline to secure future growth.
  • Equip your female talent with the capabilities, tools and mindset to lead in your business.
  • Create role models and mentors for your future aspiring female leaders.
  • The only programme in the world which actively builds stronger and more supportive relationships between your female leaders and their sponsors and line managers.
  • Offers sponsors or line managers the opportunity to join a global network of other sponsors supporting talented female leaders.

What you learn

  • Build an expanded leadership toolkit based on cutting-edge research and best practices.
  • Gain strategic communication skills to articulate your vision, lead challenging conversations and inspire followers.
  • Manage key stakeholders, influence without authority and increase gravitas.
  • Acquire critical self-reflective skills as you explore your own leadership style, experiment with new approaches, and grow your capacity for self-transformation.
  • Gain the mindset, confidence and capabilities to lead change in uncertainty and transform your organisation.
  • Create a personal and actionable plan detailing what to do differently when you return to work, and how to engage effectively with line managers and sponsors.

How you learn

Online | 9 weeks – Engage, connect and network with your cohort in virtual groups

  • Join your small virtual group or ‘forum’ and meet your coach.
  • Identify and share your aims and aspirations as well as challenges and get to know the people in your group.
  • Complete a 360º survey and pre-reading ahead of the on campus experience.
  • LBS engages with your sponsor or line manager to understand and support them.

On campus | (4.5 days) – Learn, challenge, explore at London Business School

  • Accelerate key leadership skills through case studies, discussions, role plays, and experiential exercises.
  • Work directly with Professor Herminia Ibarra, a globally acclaimed authority in leadership and development and ranked among the very finest management thinkers by Thinkers 50.
  • Benefit from one full day of coaching and 360-degree feedback.
  • Leverage faculty and coach expertise to build an action plan for change.

Online | 9 weeks – Apply your learning in the workplace with on-going support from London Business School

  • Review your action plan with your line manager or sponsor.
  • Benefit from two personalised, one-to-one coaching sessions.
  • Continue learning through a series of virtual electives.
  • Reconvene with your ‘forum’ via a virtual session led by your coach to explore lessons learnt, challenges and next steps.

Online | 5 weeks – Celebrate and inspire your way to success

  • Join a final virtual session with LBS faculty to celebrate the end of your learning journey and inspire you to greater impact and success.
  • Meet with your ‘forum’ and coach one last time, sharing experiences and looking to the future.
  • LBS engages with your sponsor or line manager to share progress and support on next steps in supporting the female leaders on the programme.

Your learning experience

Your six-month learning journey is a blend of virtual and face-to-face learning experiences combining 360 assessments, case studies, experiential exercises, individual and group coaching to ensure you have the time and support to achieve personal and professional impact.

Who should attend

Participants include women executives who are:

  • Managers with 10+ years of management experience.
  • Two or three levels from C-suite positions.
  • Looking to make a leadership transition, or at an inflection point in their careers.
  • Executives and functional managers who aspire to positions of greater influence and authority.

Trust the experts

Isabel Fernandez Mateo

A native of Spain, Dr Isabel Fernandez-Mateo holds the Adecco Chair at London Business School. As Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, she has taught in various degree programmes at London Business School, including the required core Strategic Management course for the full time MBA and Ex...


Herminia Ibarra

Professor Ibarra is a visiting faculty from INSEAD, where she is the Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning. Her research interests are identity, career development, women in business, leadership and networks.  She has written two books: Act like a Leader, Think like a Leader (HBR Pre...


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