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Transforming Customer Experience

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Superior customer service can differentiate your business in the marketplace—if you design the right offerings and execute flawlessly. Led by HBS thought leaders who are experts in customer experience management, this program delves into the fundamentals of leading and managing service-oriented businesses. You will explore new strategies for designing sustainable service models, addressing gaps in service execution, and delivering a transformational customer experience.

Key Benefits

Taking a holistic approach to service design, execution, and transformation, this program prepares you to create an exceptional service culture that supports employees, delights customers, and drives organizational performance. You will return with the frameworks to align your firm's operating models and strategic service mission with changing consumer needs, shifting market demands, and an evolving competitive landscape.


Design effective service strategies and offerings

  • Develop operations and service features that support a highly refined service model
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to serve your customer base
  • Develop a customer experience strategy
  • Respond nimbly to market shifts and emerging competition

Ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery

  • Improve the culture of service execution in your organization
  • Create an environment that enables employees and customers to thrive
  • Communicate your organization's strategic service mission
  • Leverage technology to create and enhance service offerings and improve delivery

Expand your personal and professional network

  • Extend your network by living and working with accomplished executives from various backgrounds, industries, and countries across the globe
  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can provide wide-ranging insights into your business challenges and career decisions

What You Will Learn

Through a rich learning experience that includes faculty presentations, case studies, hands-on workshops, and group discussions, this service management program prepares you to design and deliver transformational customer experiences. You will leave with a road map for creating a distinct and sustainable service model, maximizing customer engagement, enabling customers and employees to thrive, and securing a competitive edge in your industry.

Key Topics

  • Making appropriate strategic tradeoffs in service design
  • Differentiating on customer service
  • Enabling and maintaining service excellence as you expand core services
  • Ensuring that organizational capabilities are aligned with customer needs
  • Addressing differences in customer segments and variations in customer compatibility
  • Applying principles of human-centered service design to diagnose latent or unmet customer needs


  • Implementing new approaches to understanding, managing, and serving customers
  • Creating conditions that lead to brilliant service execution and thriving employees
  • Creating more satisfying customer experiences and managing the customer experience over time
  • Leveraging technology for more effective service
  • Employing service analytics for ongoing improvement
  • Identifying innovative ways to fund service


  • Identifying opportunities to improve service design or create new service offerings
  • Communicating the vision
  • Leading change across your service organization

Who should attend

Senior executives in either B2C or B2B companies wanting to improve service, including service companies, product companies with service-based strategies, or companies shifting from a product focus to a service focus. The program will be most helpful for individuals who have the authority to initiate change across the organization. Participants might include:

  • Leaders of customer service teams, inside sales teams, or other functions central to service delivery
  • Executives in marketing, data analysis, or operations management
  • Human resources executives concerned with driving internal service culture

While individuals are invited to attend, cross-functional teams of four or more executives will gain the most from this program. Team attendance fosters fruitful collaboration that will enhance the program's impact on your service capabilities.


Das Narayandas is the James J. Hill Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. He is currently the Senior Associate Dean, Chair, Harvard Business Publishing and Senior Associate Dean, Chair, Executive Education. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Technology d...
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Ryan W. Buell is the UPS Foundation Associate Professor of Service Management in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School. He teaches Managing Service Operations in the MBA elective curriculum and in Executive Education programs at the School. He is the faculty cha...


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