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The Next Manager

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Oct 29—31, 2019
3 days
Johannesburg, South Africa
ZAR 15400 ≈USD 1032
ZAR 5133 per day

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Preparing to manage.

Starting your climb up the corporate ladder and preparing to manage your new team can be a daunting task, particularly if you are not equipped with the right skills and knowledge to guide your decisions.

This interactive and practical programme aims to prepare individuals for future management positions by focusing on the 21 things successful people do differently and examining 20 keys to climbing the corporate ladder, the right way. Many people want to climb the corporate ladder but have never seriously examined what it takes to do so.

This programme will expose you to the tools needed to build your influence, not from your current position in the organisational structure, but rather based on you finding your authentic voice. By improving your social intelligence capabilities, this programme will also increase your ability to deal with difficult, yet crucial conversations.

As trust is also an important issue when it comes to influencing, anyone preparing to manage a team needs to master the art of building high levels of trust and therefor the programme will help you understand the dynamics of trust building.

The programme methodology consists of a range of approaches to optimise the learning experience. This will include guided conversations, audio visual resources, reflection exercises, and plenary sessions.

How you will benefit

At the end of this programme, you will:

  • Increase your self-awareness by benchmarking yourself against the things successful people do;
  • Have a higher degree of assertiveness as a result of finding your authentic voice;
  • Be more goal orientated;
  • Have greater levels of resilience;
  • Be equipped to manage your time and energy;
  • Walk away with a practical toolkit for managerial and personal success;
  • Start producing results consistently in alignment with your values and goals;
  • Learn principles of professionalism seen in higher quality of work and interactions with all stakeholders;
  • Grow in emotional and social intelligence.​

Key focus areas:

  • The 21 things successful people do differently;
  • 20 keys to climbing the corporate ladder the right way; and
  • Keys to leading from the middle.

Who should attend

For individuals who aspire to take on a management position in the near future and require the necessary skills to prepare for a first line management position.​


aul Nyamuda is an organisational psychologist with a dynamic gift of targeting real issues by providing practical solutions. Paul has a Master of Commerce (Research Psychology) degree from Rhodes University. His research focused on leadership development. Paul has worked as both a consultant and ...


Detailed Description
Detailed Description

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Oct 29—31, 2019
3 days
Johannesburg, South Africa
ZAR 15400 ≈USD 1032
ZAR 5133 per day

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Course reviews

Paul M, Consulting Professional from South Africa 2017
Course quality: excellent
Key Insights and the fact that different groups engage on all levels but subsequently see the same goal
Instructors: excellent
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): excellent
Challenging not to discredit but rather increase level of understanding and incorporate your own with current and expected levels in the job market.
Primary takeaway: Evaluation of current ways of doing things and make sure I'm ready for the new ways of doing things and also being part of the new path in the work space.
Things to improve: Have a follow up course for the NMP where candidates would be elevated on things learned and testing on implementation.
Industry:tv and media