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Management Concepts

Supporting Professional Growth in Organizations

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Jun 14
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Aug 16
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Sep 18
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Professional development and career transitions create a more highly engaged workforce. You will learn strategies for helping employees develop new skills that provide opportunities for career growth. You will get an overview of tools used to assess natural abilities, skills, motivators, and work-style preferences. Using this information, you will practice assisting employees in developing their career strategies and writing individual development plans (IDPs).

Learning Objectives

  • Create and capture useable career development models and tools
  • Construct a process to support individuals in developing personal career goals
  • Develop a skill set to aid employees through the process of career planning, individual development plan creation, and decision-making
  • Demonstrate employee network building and action-planning support

Course Topics

Career Planning Models and Tools

  • Career Planning
  • Career Development Tools
  • Competency Models

Supporting the Development of Career Goals

  • Determining Career Goals
  • Developing Coaching Questions

Strategies, Options, Career Planning, and IDPs

  • Determining Strategies for Reaching Career Goals
  • Assisting with the Planning and Writing of an IDP

Personal Networks and Action Plans

  • Building Personal Networks for Career Planning
  • Impact of Decisions on Career Advancement
  • Development of Personal Action Plans

Who should attend

This course is designed for HR professionals, managers, and other leaders who wish to inform team and organizational strategies for effective employee growth at the individual and organizational levels.

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