Strategy Execution: Getting it Done

American Management Association

How long?

  • 3 days
  • in person, online

What are the topics?

American Management Association


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Who should attend

Experienced leaders who need to successfully execute their part of larger scope, mission-critical strategic initiatives.

About the course

Get the skills and knowledge to accomplish what so many others don’t—the successful implementation of strategic goals.

Whether it’s entering new markets, repositioning, outsourcing, or undertaking new initiatives or technology, execution of strategic goals is often a graveyard of good intentions. A recent strategy execution study of a broad group of leaders found that 65% of them do not consider their own organization successful at executing their strategies.

How You Will Benefit

  • Apply basic elements of strategy execution to your own strategic initiative
  • Recognize factors affecting your ability to execute your organization’s strategy
  • Break large, long-term strategic initiatives into smaller, achievable projects
  • Map your own strategic goals against the vital points of success, failure and resistance
  • Utilize skills that can gain and sustain support across organizational boundaries
  • Identify ways to better align your strategy with departmental and organizational goals

What You Will Cover

  • Using Mind Mapping to define and refine a strategic initiative
  • Designing a strategic execution goal for a successful outcome and preparing for results
  • Planning and leading an energizing launch for a strategic initiative-focused project
  • Using plans, schedules, budgets and controls to track the progress of your strategic initiative
  • Overcoming opposition and unforeseen obstacles using political skills and creative problem solving


Learning Objectives

  • Define Strategy Execution and the Critical Elements Necessary for Success
  • Develop a Strategy Execution Goal and Plan
  • Launch the Strategic Initiative, and Drive the Plan Through a Supportive Infrastructure
  • Keep the Strategic Initiative on Track to Achieve Results That Can Be Replicated and Celebrated

Strategy Execution—What and Why

  • Explain What Strategy Execution Is and Why It Is Critical to Your Success on the Job
  • Use Mind Mapping to Define/Refine a Strategic Initiative
  • Develop a Fast Forward Project to Further a Strategic Initiative

Prepare for Results

  • Describe Why Taking Responsibility for Strategy Execution Is a Critical Part of Your Job
  • Define and Document a Strategic Initiative Charter, and Design Elements of a Strategic Initiative
  • Diagnose the Best Approach for Connecting with Key Stakeholders to Gain Input on and Support for Your Strategic Initiative
  • Identify Any Necessary Adjustments to a Proposed Strategy
  • Complete a Map of the Key Players Involved in a Strategic Initiative

Create Supporting Infrastructure

  • Plan and Lead an Energizing Launch for a Fast Forward Project
  • Use Plans, Schedules, Budgets, and Controls to Track the Progress of Your Fast Forward Project
  • Articulate Expectations and Accountability

Adjust When Things Arise

  • Use Political Skills to Win Over Constituents and Overcome Opposition to a Strategic Initiative or Fast Forward Project
  • Use Creative Problem Solving to Overcome Unforeseen Risks, Delays, and Obstacles to Executing a Strategic Initiative or Fast Forward Project

Celebrate Success and Capture Learning

  • Manage the Intense Push to Get the Final Result During a Fast Forward Project
  • Complete a Post-Execution Analysis of a Strategic Initiative, and Apply That Learning to the Next Project
  • Recognize the Importance of Celebrating the End of a Project

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Strategy Execution: Getting it Done at American Management Association

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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