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Strategic Thinking

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Sep 23—24
2 days
Brussels, Belgium
EUR 2450 ≈USD 2735
EUR 1225 per day




Develop a strategic mindset to increase the success of your strategic plans.

Learn how to strengthen your strategic thinking skills and encourage it in others. Attend this intensive 2-day strategic thinking training programme focused on practical learning, designed and facilitated by business people that understand your challenges and will guide you to find effective solutions.

Your immediate takeaway:

  • Learn to recognise patterns that impact strategy and enhance your abilities to generate new insights and ideas
  • Come to your next strategic planning session with the best possible strategic ideas
  • Help your business move forward in an increasingly competitive world

This strategic thinking training course combines proven-by-practice methods with new insights and ideas that will grow your strategic thinking skills. You will gain a wider perspective of strategy through breakout sessions, exercises, and case applications.

How will you benefit?

After participating in this programme, you will grow your strategic thinking skills & competencies and be able to:

  • Explore ways to challenge your assumptions and view your business in a new light
  • Learn and apply different thinking methods to avoid groupthink
  • Control reactive fixes to problems even in an uncertain business environment
  • Generate new ideas and evaluate future scenarios before your competitors do
  • Know when to embrace necessary risk, even if resources and information are limited
  • Learn to create better short-term goals that support long-term strategy

During the programme you will:

  • Network and learn with a diverse group of peers from different industries and countries in an international environment
  • Develop a personal action plan to implement back at work
  • Learn and practise new skills using real-business-world examples and exercises over 2 interactive days

What will you learn and practice?

Strategic Thinking is a 2-day hands-on training programme, highly interactive with exercises and role plays. The programme will be led by an experienced facilitator with former management experience in international companies.

Strategic Thinking Course Outline:

  • Learning Objectives
    • Leverage New Skills to Support Your Strategic Thinking Every Day
    • Apply a Process to Envision Your Organization’s Desired Future
    • Recognise the Influences Within and Outside Your Organization That Could Support or Derail Your Future Goals
    • Identify the Changes Necessary to Reach Your Future Goals
    • Expand the Number of Perspectives That Influence Your Moves Forward
    • Create a Plan for Building Skills and Testing Your Ideas
  • Context of Strategic Thinking
    • Define Strategic Thinking and Recognise How It Can Be Used in Your Day-to-Day Work
    • Compare and Contrast Strategic Thinking to Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
    • Identify the Characteristics of Strategic Thinkers
  • Strategic Thinking Process and Skills
    • Explain a Model for Strategic Thinking in Day-to-Day Activities and Work Applications
    • List Skills and Tools That Can Be Used to Support Strategic Thinking
  • Assess the Current State
    • Identify the Influences and Relationships at Different Levels of an Organization That Can Impact a Strategy
    • Recognise and Identify Patterns of Interaction and Development That Are Likely to Influence the Effectiveness of a Strategy
    • Incorporate Multiple Perspectives on a Possible Strategy, and Assess Different Influences on the Potential Success
  • Envision a Desired Future State
    • Envision a Desired Future State
    • Recognise and Use Thinking Skills That Support Imagining New Ways of Relating to the Market and Customers
  • Build Your Path on Paper
    • Identify and Sequence the Multiple Steps to Move from the Current State of the Issue/Opportunity to the Desire Future State
    • Anticipate the Reactions/Responses of Others in the Larger Systems Impacting Your Situation
    • Identify and Conduct Experiments and Tests That Point Your Way Forward
  • Implement Your Strategic Knowledge and Skills
    • Assess What You Gained from Applying Strategic Thinking Tools to Your Project
    • Anticipate Pitfalls You May Encounter as a Strategic Thinker
    • Create an Action Plan for Development of Strategic Thinking Skills

Who should attend

If you are a manager, director or leaders who needs strategic thinking skills to gain better business insights and identify trends that can contribute to a more successful business strategy, this programme is right for you.


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Detailed Description
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