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McGill Executive institute

Available dates

Nov 26—28, 2019
3 days
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CAD 2495 ≈USD 1906
CAD 831 per day
Apr 21—23, 2020
3 days
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CAD 2495 ≈USD 1906
CAD 831 per day


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About the course

In these days of rapid and often radical changes, it is no longer adequate for a few members of a company’s leadership team to undertake a strategic planning exercise once a year. This seminar provides you with an advanced strategic leadership model, framework and “tool kit” as well as a process for turning optimum strategic decisions into improved performance and results. It will enable you to accurately diagnose your current situation, generate some challenging yet feasible scenarios for your unit, and build a common vision of where you need to go and how to get there. It will enhance your ability to think strategically and lead your organization, department or team to achieve your carefully and rigorously-crafted strategic objectives.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Gain a better understanding of the big picture of strategic decision-making
  • Improve your organization’s strategic planning process
  • Learn the VIP model of strategic leadership
  • Understand and apply the five “I”s of strategic planning
  • Diagnose any organizational situation
  • Generate challenging yet realistic scenarios for many different situations
  • Bolster your organization’s capability to deal with upcoming change drivers
  • Make decisions proactively
  • Create more value in your interactions with others

Topics covered during the program:

Day One

The Strategic Process

  • The limits of today’s strategic decision-making process
  • The Four Levels of Uncertainty chart
  • The VIP model of strategic leadership
  • Creating a sense of mission
  • The five “I”s of strategic planning
  • The 1st “I”: Issues
  • Strategic management diagnostic tools

Day Two

Scenarios in the Strategic Process

  • The 2nd “I”: Imagination
  • The futility of forecasting
  • An introduction to scenario theory
  • The categories of strategic assumptions
  • Generating and analyzing scenarios

Strategic Intent

  • The 3rd “I”: Intent
  • A strategy temple: An (adaptable) visual and clear outcome
  • Asking the right questions and figuring out the right answers

Day Three

Strategic Maps and Measures

  • The 4th “I”: Innovation
  • Strategic maps and dashboards: Organizational to individual
  • Treating objectives in a strategic map
  • The 5th “I”: Impact
  • Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets
  • Driving down to accountability by monitoring performance
  • Execution: The successful characteristics

Strategic Implementation

  • Understanding and dealing with resistance to change
  • Generating a “To do” list
  • Ensuring decisions are implemented
  • Strategic and operational focus: A balancing act

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for executives who manage all sizes and types of organizations, projects and teams.

It is perfect for participants seeking to fast-track their career by improving their strategic decision-making capabilities.

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Mark Hollingworth

Mark Hollingworth specializes in strategy creation and implementation. He has lead and managed the strategic planning process in numerous types and sizes of organizations in many different sectors around the world. With his 25 plus years of experience, he can relate to the challenges that individ...


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