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Strategic Negotiation Programme

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Next dates

Nov 14—16
3 days
Shanghai, China
CNY 29800 ≈USD 4441
CNY 9933 per day




Negotiation is at the heart of human interaction. Whatever forms it takes, verbally or nonverbally, consciously or unconsciously, people negotiate whenever they interact. How can you get an upper hand in negotiations with more subtle techniques which enable you to observe keenly the ongoing overall situation? This three-day programme offers a set of negotiation strategies, models and tools, telling you how to get to yes, get past no, win, gain an advantage, get leverage and influence or persuade others. These together will change the way you view and conduct virtually every negotiation.


The purpose of this programme is to develop participants’ expertise in managing negotiations that occur in various complex business settings. The programme focuses on how most prominent negotiators conduct their negotiations and why they are successful. Drawn from real experience and scientific research, this programme aims at providing each participant with the best and most updated knowledge on the strategic management of effective negotiation.


Participants in this programme will:

  • Gain a structured understanding of negotiation situations and processes
  • Enhance their ability to analyse and diagnose problems within negotiation situations so as to implement strategic action
  • Utilise new and creative skills and techniques to handle difficult situations and increase their negotiation experience
  • Learn how to productively use strategies and tactics to be more effective and efficient at the domestic and international levels
  • Understand the principles for evaluating their own performance


Day 1


  • Competitive Negotiations
  • Negotiation, review and learning points


  • Collaborative Negotiations
  • Preparation, negotiation and review

Day 2


  • Team Negotiations
  • Preparation, negotiation and review


  • Conflict Style Inventory Questionnaire
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Ethics and Trust in Negotiations
  • Common Mistakes in Negotiation

Day 3


  • Multiparty Negotiations
  • Preparation, negotiation and review


  • Psychological Issues in Negotiation
  • Tactical Issues in Negotiation

Who should attend

The programme is suitable for those middle to senior executives who want to become more deft and effective in dealing with more difficult and complex negotiation situations.


Visiting Professor, CEIBS; Professor of Sociology, The Sorbonne University, Paris EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ph.D. in Sociology, the Sorbonne University, Paris, France TEACHING INTERESTS: Professor Faure is Professor of Sociology at the Sorbonne University, Paris, where he teaches “Internati...


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Detailed Description
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