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Strategic Marketing Programme

Available dates

May 4—8, 2020
5 days
Fontainebleau, France
EUR 9500 ≈USD 10865
EUR 1900 per day
Oct 19—23, 2020
5 days
Fontainebleau, France
EUR 9500 ≈USD 10865
EUR 1900 per day


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About the course

Marketing in a globalised and digitised world

Marketing is globalised; marketing is digitised. The days of isolated or shielded markets – closed to foreign suppliers or competitors – are no more. All companies now operate in an international environment where customers can be scattered around the globe and new entrants can emerge from any economy with different business models and cost structures.

The Strategic Marketing Programme is a five-day intensive course that will sharpen your marketing skills, including designing, organising, executing and evaluating marketing activities in this complex global environment. You will explore today’s big marketing challenges, such as the impact of social media on brand management, low-price competition and market commoditisation.

Reframing current challenges as opportunities and providing participants with conceptual and practical tools, you will return to your worplace ready to make a difference.


  • Build a marketing plan. Learn how to build a marketing plan based on customer insight and competitor analysis, including segmentation, targeting and positioning.
  • Develop a brand strategy. Develop a brand strategy and positioning, leading to the creation and management of communication, pricing and distribution strategies with a focus on new social media.
  • Evaluate new markets. Explore the implications of serving multiple markets and of the emergence of new markets as opportunities for sales growth and as threats – resulting from new brands entering your home markets.


INSEAD’s Strategic Marketing Programme is a highly practical programme organised around the marketing process with a core focus on designing and executing a marketing plan. Using contemporary case studies and the INSEAD-developed DiG (Discovery, Innovation and Growth) simulation, you will gain hands-on experience of marketing in an international context – with learning to take back to your organisation for immediate and lasting impact.

Regardless of your business background or experience in marketing, this programme will equip you with a thorough understanding of marketing strategy and how to make the best use of all the elements of the marketing mix to deliver successful marketing plans in an international context. Topics covered include the following.


  • Choosing where and how to compete
  • Foundations of marketing and application to your industry
  • Strategic importance of branding, targeting and positioning
  • Behavioural economics, consumer psychology and the key principles of consumer and managerial decision-making


  • Translating strategy into action
  • Role of new media, including risks and opportunities
  • Methodology to analyse your brand identity and evaluate its consistency
  • Role of market research in developing strategies
  • Importance of managing the product line and sales funnel to adjust to local needs
  • Allocation of resources to different elements of the marketing mix


During the programme you will have plenty of opportunity, through the case study method and through the DiG (Discovery, Innovation and Growth) simulation, to experiment with turning theory into practice – so that you return to your role with immediately actionable tools, skills and confidence. The DiG simulation will enable you to:

  • Fine-tune your own understanding of the knowledge you have acquired, taking you out of your comfort zone but in a safe and risk-free environment
  • Develop leadership skills for customer-centricity, innovation, sustained growth and team performance
  • Gain a clear view of the whole marketing process from customer insights to innovation, marketing deployment and value creation.

Who should attend

The Strategic Marketing Programme is designed for executives with, or about to take up, marketing responsibilities and for those executives outside the marketing discipline whose role interacts with this function. Participants usually come from the following career levels:

  • Senior functional manager
  • Functional manager
  • Specialist new to marketing.

Trust the experts

David Dubois

David Dubois is an Associate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD with expertise in (1) how organizations can leverage and integrate digital and social media dynamics to create novel value, and (2) how luxury and fashion brands can create sustainable competitive advantages by leveraging status and st...


Jean Claude Larreche

Jean-Claude Larreche is Emeritus Professor of Marketing and the Alfred H. Heineken Chaired Professor of Marketing, Emeritus at INSEAD. He directs the Powering Growth Programme. His book The Momentum Effect: How to Ignite Exceptional Growth, published by Pearson, was named the 4th Best Book of the...


Joerg Niessing

Joerg Niessing is an Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD and is passionate about bridging the academic and the business world on topics related to marketing, branding and digitization. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Muenster. His credentials do not only come from his ac...


Klaus Wertenbroch

Klaus Wertenbroch is Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, Europe Campus, in Fontainebleau, France, and the launching editor-in-chief of the European Marketing Association's (EMAC) Journal of Marketing Behavior. He is an expert in behavioural economics and consumer decision-making, strategic brand ma...


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INSEAD Strategic Marketing Programme

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