Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Strategic Leadership Programme for IT Companies

Available dates

Dec 16—18, 2019
3 days
Bengaluru, India
INR 90000 ≈USD 1253
INR 30000 per day


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About the course

The Strategic Leadership Workshop focuses on strategy and organization in information technology companies. At the outset, the workshop focuses on the questions: “how do IT managers identify and exploit growth opportunities?” and “what challenges arise as IT firms grow and how these can be met?” Answers to these questions depend on the characteristics of the IT firm and of the competitive environment it faces.

In a small IT firm, an initial growth trajectory must be created, and then the IT firm adapts its strategies to the requirements of the larger-scale operation. By contrast, a larger, more established IT firm must sustain growth through revitalizing current businesses, or possibly by expanding into new areas. The challenge in this context is for a manager to design the organization and its managerial processes as a system that can grow successfully.

This workshop emphasizes the key managerial issues that IT companies face in their decision to pursue opportunities as well as strategic decision-making and implementation at the level of top management and business/project leader level. The workshop provides a framework for integrating the concepts of strategy development with the business leaders’/project leaders’ day-to-day activities.


The purpose of this workshop is to help the participants to successfully manage a growing IT organization. To this end, the following concerns will guide this workshop.

  • How can managers identify and exploit growth opportunities?
  • What challenges arise as IT companies grow?
  • The interactive relationships between the business leaders job of figuring out
  • What to do and the task of getting things done
  • The issue of developing organizational cohesion and individual commitment


  • Framework of strategic thinking and management for competitive advantage
  • The process of growth strategy formulation at both corporate and business unit levels in IT companies
  • Concept of ‘Value Innovation’ and its application for the development of new market space
  • Understanding industry dynamics and formulation of competitive strategy
  • Changing the organizational structure and internal systems to support strategy
  • Designing competence management programmes
  • Incubating and sustaining commitment amongst professionals employed with the companies
  • Addressing the pay offs and pitfalls of implementing a performance management system that drives organizational cohesion and individual commitment

Key Benefits/ Takeaways

  • Developing capability to identify and exploit growth opportunity
  • Formulating growth strategies at both corporate and business unit level
  • Developing new market space
  • Aligning organizational structure and systems to support strategy

Who should attend

Business leaders and Senior executives, those in line management involved with decisions relating to projects, business partnerships/alliances and acquisitions

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S Raghunath

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Course reviews

Executive from India

Course quality: good
Instructors: good
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): good
Primary takeaway: Sharing of personal experience from a CEO who was guest faculty
Things to improve: Flow of topics and more comprehensive coverage

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