Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers


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Who should attend

Senior executives who lead change and strategy implementation in their companies. They must align multiple levels, divisions and locations to achieve strategic objectives.

About the course

You are facing a leadership challenge. Your organization has to make strategic adjustments, or perhaps adopt a new strategic direction, and that means change for a lot of people. You are not sure how you are going to get people across the organization to act together in function of the strategy and achieve the goals. What should you as a leader do to align your people, get their buy-in, get the strategy implemented, and reinforce the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to flawless execution?

How will you benefit?

As a result of participating in this workshop, you will be better able to lead strategy implementation and change. You will have a plan for aligning your people to deliver on your customer value proposition.

What will you learn and practice?

This is a flexible workshop, continuously updated as business trends change, and adjusted to the concerns of each participant group. Time will be set aside every day for peer-to-peer coaching, where participants can share challenges and experiences. Many participants have gained valuable solutions to difficult problems by this method.


Before the workshop, you will:

  • Complete some background reading on the key concepts
  • Prepare a very short case study about a real leadership situation and come to the workshop prepared to discuss it
  • Gather any leadership or behavioral feedback you have received in your company

You will use these to help you think about your leadership action plan

DURING the classroom

Module 1 – Start with a Clear Strategy

This module is about setting the context for leadership. Topics include:

  • Global trends: The world is changing, what changes do you have to manage?
  • Elements of a clear strategy
  • Customer Value Proposition at the centre of mission, vision, and strategy
  • How do your customers experience your company, and why is this?
  • Implications of the Customer Value Proposition for leadership – the MCE Leadership for Strategy Implementation Model
  • Creating a clear strategy implementation plan – the “Strategy House”
  • Making your strategy crystal clear and communicating it in a way people can understand, buy into, and know what to do
  • Segmenting your stakeholders and tailoring your strategy communication

Module 2 – Align Processes and People to Strategy

You will look at the hard systems in the company that influence people’s beliefs and behaviour. When the strategy changes, these things have to change too in support of the strategy; otherwise, you won’t get the change in behaviour you want. What helps people to act in support of the strategy, and what blocks them, or encourages them to do something else? What can you do about it?

  • Performance metrics
  • Processes and Structure
  • Keeping things simple
  • Using the Net Promoter Score to measure customer loyalty – a key performance measure and driver of process improvement to deliver value to the customer
  • Applying to your own situation

Module 3 – You as Leader

You will focus more on the “soft systems” in the company – how do values, behaviour and culture help or hurt strategy implementation? What is your personal style and how can you use it to align your people?

  • Talent, competencies, and mindsets needed for different strategies
  • New strategy implementation as a change management programme
  • The role of the top team in setting the example
  • Building coalitions for change
  • Your leadership style and behavior
  • Exemplary leadership practices
  • Motivating diverse teams and organizations

Module 4 – Getting into Action

You will compile your learning into a personal action plan for implementation on your return, informed by feedback from the workshop facilitator and from your peers.

  • Practice communicating your implementation plan as you would to your staff
  • How to make strategy actionable
  • Managing complexity, scale and pace
  • Managing multiple projects and setting priorities
  • Managing risks to implementation


Tony Namigai

Today Tony consults in the areas of strategy, business development and restructuring. He serves as Director of the Conference Board’s European council of Financial Executives and Controllers. He is a Board member of a Japanese company and also served on the Board of two leading companies in Thail...

Damien Jelsch

Prior to joining “Harlan” (2004-2010) and for 22 years, Damien held senior management positions as Manager Financial Controls, CFO, Deputy General Manager and General Manager in companies across several industries (construction, telecommunications, energy, life sciences). These companies were mai...

Ramesh Fatania

Ramesh Fatania has 25 years’ broad international experience gained in Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, ERP Systems, Corporate Strategy and Planning, and Mergers and Acquisitions with BP (British Petroleum Plc). He possesses considerable experience in Post-Merger Integration, and has led ma...

Johan Beeckmans

Johan’s extensive international expertise in leadership, strategy and management development has been built over a 25-year career in key Human Resources roles and senior positions with international companies in the US and Europe. His work included leading major transformation projects concerning...

Stephane de Mahieu

Stephane brings to MCE more than 30 years of leadership experience in the natural resource extraction and product manufacturing industries with exposure to joint-ventures, affiliate management, large operations and projects. He covered a broad line management scope, including Managing Director an...

Peter Horekens

New market development (partners, greenfield projects, distribution, sales and marketing, advertising and sales promotions development, recruitment...) Interim management Cost cutting and restructuring International relations Union negotiations Governmental negotiations Trade associations and ch...

Marc God

Marc has 20 years of business experience in the Chemical Industry and has worked with major companies in the US and Europe, including ExxonMobil and DSM. His broad knowledge comes from roles in Sales, Marketing, Operations and IT, ranging from strategy to execution. He has helped these companies ...

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Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers at MCE

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