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About the course

Service Management is an online course that provides a toolbox to better understand and analyze recent developments in service management.

By participating in this program you will gain a good understanding of how to

  • assess and optimize service quality,
  • design effective service recovery measures,
  • integrate customers and technology in service delivery,
  • assess the future role of artificial intelligence in service,
  • develop hybrid offerings in business markets.

For companies, this program represents an effective way to gain new ideas for promoting customer-centric business strategies. For service managers and experts, the course a cost-efficient and flexible way of further refreshing and extending their service-related knowledge and skills.


The course serves as a cost-efficient and flexible way for updating participants’ service management know-how. It is also an effective tool to provide selected teams, groups or departments with a similar level of knowledge.


In order to provide effective tools for optimizing companies’ service operations, the course starts with approaching the foundations of service business. To capture service quality as a major aim of service provision, the online course discusses prominent service quality concepts and covers seminal tools for measuring service quality. The course also discusses strategies for effective service recovery and introduces self-service technologies and artificial intelligence as major drivers of service innovation.

Participants will also identify co-creation as an emerging trend in service innovation management. The course illuminates customer value creation as a major strategic aim of business operations. In addition, customer centricity is introduced as a major organizational precondition for safeguarding customer value.

Who should attend

The Service Management online course is designed for managers and experts who are looking for a conceptual toolbox on service management.

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Tomas Falk

My research generally focuses on questions related to customer satisfaction and service management. My current research activities aim at extending this focus on strategic service management by exploring issues such as customer centricity, customer co-creation and customer touchpoint management. ...


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