Port Executive Leadership Circle

Rotterdam School of Management

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  • 5 days
  • in person

Rotterdam School of Management


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About the course

Rapidly changing market dynamics present ports with major challenges. Port planning and development is no longer a long-term game. Product life cycles become shorter and circular, while industries are confronted with less determined futures. Ports within global supply chains are digital accelerators for efficiency and enablers of timely and reliable deliveries, instead of inevitable gateways where goods pass through. A mind shift is required to look critically at existing business models, while simultaneously developing new ones. Leading transitional change requires a different type of leadership. An executive in today’s port or port logistics industry should have ambidextrous leadership capabilities. Where issues are not perceived as dilemma’s, but as ‘both and’ considerations and solutions.

Leadership skills for port executives and captains of industry

This brand new Port Executive Leadership Circle in Rotterdam allows you: an executive from a port authority, port stakeholders or a captain of industry, to be part of an ongoing cycle of learning journeys, while enabling you to partner with other ports in a growing international network of port executives. These port executives will be the frontrunners who will drive ports towards the next level of competition.

This unique and specific educational programme has been developed by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Port of Rotterdam, using their combined knowledge and expertise. The programme builds leadership skills for port executives, based on their existing knowledge and expertise, and is specialised for the environment of port-based industries: The Port Executive Leadership Circle.

What makes this programme exceptional is the way it presents the educational experience. Its goal is to collect and share best practices and experiences of people already addressing ports’ challenges, and combine them with theories and knowledge from management research using RSM’s well-established framework of leadership education.

Learning objectives

The Port Executive Leadership Circle programme will:

  • inspire you and other participants by showing you the latest developments within the port industry. This includes visiting innovative and forward-looking activities around the Port of Rotterdam
  • document, analyse and begin to solve some of the wicked problems you and your organisation are working with
  • learn to use a leadership compass tool to tackle wicked problems
  • make a detailed assessment of your leadership capacities and deliver individual coaching directed at addressing your personal and/or port-related challenges
  • create a learning network around port excellence that connects you with an international network of industry peers
  • provide you with access to documented best practices to use in future.

Why you should join this programme

  • our approach to this leadership programme for port executives is different because it captures and makes use of the knowledge and expertise that exists within Rotterdam’s port, one of the world’s leading maritime capitals. It combines this with the latest insights into strategic leadership from RSM
  • the programme is tailored to participants’ unique learning goals because of the intensive and detailed admissions procedure
  • participants experience the purposeful combination of an issue-driven, case-based approach to leadership development
  • a week of coaching by experts in leadership training and port executive training to explore motives, risks and opportunities
  • learn best practices from leading port industry professionals while developing your strategic leadership skills
  • tackle your organisation’s wicked problem: learn and create innovative approaches for existing and potential issues for port industries
  • build a personal goal-setting plan for dealing with wicked problems; by considering your motives and potential actions, and how to mobilise the people involved to work with you. At the same time, inspire and be inspired by other participants
  • become part of an exclusive network of port executives and make use of a circle of continuous learning for the future.


Hannes Leroy

Hannes Leroy is an assistant professor of human resource management at RSM. He is also affiliated as a research fellow to the ILR School of Cornell University. His areas of expertise include human resource management, leadership and leadership development, mindfulness in organisations and occupat...

Maurice Jansen

Maurice is an expert in Port Strategy, Management and Environment. Maurice is a real connector and puts the human factor and human capital at the centre of port-city development. Maurice is highly interested in the ‘tensions’ in port cities. Where the port and the city meet there is dynamism, con...

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Port Executive Leadership Circle at Rotterdam School of Management

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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