Personal Impact Course - two day

Impact Factory

How long?

  • 2 days
  • online

What are the topics?

Impact Factory


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About the course

Build your confidence and practice your impact to achieve the outcomes you want

This course does exactly what it says on the tin - each delegate will look at themselves, the choices they make and what they could do differently.

It would be great to change other people, but life's too short and it's just too difficult to sometimes.

Two days allows plenty of time to practice what changes you can make when you are not having the impact you could or should have.

Personal Impact Course Objectives:

  • How 'making an impact' works
  • Understand how you impact on others
  • Knowing how and why things go wrong
  • Improving your ability to influence others
  • Understanding rules and conventions
  • Speaking your mind without offending
  • Finding out how others see you
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Appreciating conventions and boundaries
  • To become more assertive when appropriate
  • Handling difficult people or difficult situations

Personal Impact Course Programme

We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the delegates on the day.

We will include many of the exercises below and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant to the delegates on the day.

Day One


Impact Factory's underlying principles and how we work: how to get the most value out of the two days.

Making an Impact - how it works

This is an introduction to the dynamics of face-to-face communication - looking at what affects the participants and the impact they make

I do this, You do that

Delegates get their first opportunity to make small changes in what they do, to see what they create in others. Areas focussed on here could include:

  • Voice
  • Eye contact
  • Body Language
  • Positioning
  • Use of environment

What's your Style

Delegates identify what already works about their style.

Rapport Building skills

Working in pairs we will look at the things that establish common ground between people.

First and Last Impressions

How to choose a first impression that suits the impact you want to make. Also, the much forgotten "last impression" - what will people remember of you after you put down the phone or walk out of the room.


Looking at how to appear or feel more confident in certain situations. Lots of opportunity to practice and develop this "numbers tool".


An exercise to demonstrate how every one of us makes assumptions, often without realising it. Practice pre -empting some assumptions or simply "owning" the assumption. Designed to help delegates keep the communication clear and effective,

How others See the World

We explore the idea that everyone sees the world differently. Delegates will explore ways to build bridges when someone sees thing in another way and Influencing techniques to help others see what they see.


A series of exercises to look at simple behavioural techniques affecting communications. These techniques will be developed on Day Two on specific delegate situations.

Emotion vs. Objectivity

Helping other people see, when they are too steeped in emotion, what to do next.

Blame vs. Effect of behaviour

Dealing with blame and conflict.

Listening with Empathy

Looking for opportunities to use empathy, understanding and find common ground.

Wrap up for Day One

What are people taking from the day?

What do they know they can practise immediately? Delegates will be given a small amount of preparation for Day Two.

Day Two

Establishing Scenarios / Situations

Delegates will now start to focus on their own specific situations. Areas that might typically be covered are:

Delivering Messages

Less is more

This is a model, which gets a message over clearly and concisely.

Difficult messages

Looking at what the delegates "feed" in others when the message is not easy.

What you know vs. what you don't know.

A useful exercise when delegates have to handle a situation where there uncertainty.


Exercise to look at the impact around a table. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice:

  • Getting their voice in the room
  • Speaking up without being negative
  • Keeping others included / engaged
  • Managing "bad" behaviour
  • Creating buy in form others


Essential skills for both social and professional gatherings.

Feedback Finesse

A look at the impact of feedback and how to make it best support moving things forward.


For those who would like to become more assertive in certain situations or with specific individuals. This area of work could include:

  • Internal boundaries
  • The Art of Saying No
  • Nice / Nasty
  • Beginnings
  • Timings

Difficult Styles

Here the delegates identify any "difficult "people. They will now have the opportunity to play with the impact they make. We will use tools and techniques from the two days, the delegates own suggestions and shared best practice.

The Magic Chair

Everyone gets a final touch of additional positive feedback.

Support Plan

Each person will identify:

  • What specifically they know they will use
  • What they are taking away from the course
  • Where they will practise

We will give out Impact Factory documents to support the course.

You'll get copies relevant hand-outs to remind you of the Coursework.

Ongoing Support

Two weeks after the course one of your trainers will call to see how you are getting on.

You will have email and telephone access to both of your trainers.

You'll also have access to a course web page containing:

  • Handouts used during the course
  • New supportive material
  • Impact Factory PDF documents
  • Recommended reading
  • Links to our favourite videos


Isabel Pollen

As well as being an Impact Factory Trainer, Isabel has worked as a performer for more than 20 years and is passionate about developing and nurturing the confidence of every individual. This is true in the training room, on the stage and just about any job she undertakes.   A rich career in the ...

Maria Peters

Maria Peters is what you might call a creative idiot... In a good way.  She comes to us with a background in radio broadcasting, comedy improvisation and education program design. The common thread woven throughout Maria’s working life is her intrinsic love of people. In particular, the psychol...

Sarah Dawrant

From political speech writing to stand-up comedy, from marketing to project management, from strategic planning to coaching, from a degree in Sociology to a diploma in public relations Sarah has packed a lot into her life already.   Originally from Canada, Sarah has lived in the UK since 2009, ...

Dom Kracmar

Dom is a born and bred North Londoner, and possibly the only actual Crouch Ender in Crouch End. After studying Politics in Manchester, he trained as an actor at LAMDA (the one that’s better than RADA) and worked for a few years as a TV and stage actor, as well as trying his hand at directing pla...

Katy Miller

Katy has been at Impact Factory for seven years and brings a wealth of life experience to her work here. From performing in the West End and at the National Theatre, to teaching and directing drama students, to running a franchise of a national pre-school music programme, her ability to adapt to...

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Personal Impact Course - two day at Impact Factory

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