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Oct 26—28, 2020
3 days
Ghent, Belgium
EUR 3645 ≈USD 4029
EUR 1215 per day


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About the course

Smart use of the Lean philosophy will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. This programme will teach you the meaning of operational excellence and how to effectively use the tools and methodologies to create value for your organisation.

Why This Programme?

"Lean" has established itself as the most effective and most widely adopted improvement methodology for operations in the world. What you will learn in this programme will help you understand and implement 'Operational Excellence' in your organisation.

This programme studies Operational Excellence at an enterprise level: aligned with the corporate strategy, future-proof, crossing traditional boundaries and looking at horizontal flows, and with the customer value orientation always in mind.

  • From interpreting to applying and evaluating the essential tools of lean management
  • Solving process inefficiencies with process mapping, bottleneck, muda, variability and critical path
  • Valuing an improvement – Linking operational with financial metrics
  • Analysing what to improve and applying the improvement
  • Validating the improvements
  • Determining what is needed to lead the change process in your organisation
  • discover, define and prioritise opportunities for optimisation through an optional in-company case study and exam (required for the "Lean Competency" accreditation).

This programme directly prepares you for involvement in operational excellence/lean activities back in your job. You will be able to recognise the value and importance of lean/operational excellence to an organisation's operations and identify opportunities for improvement in your workplace. As a result of this programme, your will be able to contribute to improvement implementation projects in your own operations.

Detailed Programme

The programme 'Operational Excellence' comprises two modules, each touching upon crucial aspects of operational excellence:

The programme 'Operational Excellence' consists of two modules, each touching upon crucial aspects of Operational Excellence:

Module 1: Essence of Operational Excellence

  • Strategic importance of Operational Excellence
  • Mapping the value stream
  • Lean thinking and lean toolbox
  • Lean planning & scheduling
  • Lean maturity
  • Company visit: putting theory into practice

Module 2: Success factors in Operational Excellence

  • Bottleneck management - theory of constraints - factory physics
  • Capacity management and variability analysis
  • Quality management
  • Lean supply chains
  • Change management

Optional: Lean Competency Accreditation

An optional exam will allow participants to obtain the certificate ‘Lean Competency’, an international accreditation by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre of Cardiff University

  • A written closed-book exam that assesses your knowledge of the concepts, methods and tools that were presented in the lessons.
  • An oral defense and discussion with Vlerick professors regarding an ‘Operational Excellence’ project that was developed by the participant.

Who should attend

  • Professionals and managers with management responsibilities in operations
  • Operations managers in manufacturing or logistic companies
  • Service or quality managers
  • Business and process managers and professionals
  • Project leaders responsible for designing and implementing change projects
  • Consultants

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