NICF- Intelligent Process Automation (SF)

NUS Institute of Systems Science

How long?

  • 3 days
  • in person

What are the topics?

NUS Institute of Systems Science


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Who should attend

This course is suitable for both information technology and non-IT professionals who are interested in creating intelligent robots, or virtual workers, able to mimic real personnel to automatically take business related actions and procedures by operating a computer, in various business processes and industry domains.

This course will be useful for:

  • Automation Manager who want to improve personnel productivity
  • Enterprise Architects & Application Solution Architects who want to integrate intelligent process automation into their solution
  • System Integrators & Technology Consultants who want to use this technology for system integration
  • Senior Process Analysts & Senior Process Engineers who want to customize, configure and use virtual worker
  • Robotic Process Automation practitioners who want to leverage artificial intelligence technology

About the course

This 3-day course enables participants to create intelligent virtual workers (intelligent agent) able to mimic real person to take business related actions and procedures by operating a computer and computer applications, in various business processes and industry domains.

Participants learn practical knowledge of intelligent agent (IA), artificial intelligence (AI), open source toolsets, and computer scripting skills to design and create intelligent virtual workers as a minimal viable product (MVP) to automate business processes.

Application examples are:

  • Virtual employee for account management, e.g. mortgage loan application, invoice processing;
  • Interactive messaging/chat-bot for customer service; request fulfillment; frequently asked questions;
  • Intelligent software agents in research, innovation and video game industry; This course can benefit job roles such as Automation Managers, Enterprise Architects, Application Solution Architects, System Integrator, Technology Consultants, Senior Process Analysts, Senior Process Engineers, and working professionals who intend to design, develop, implement and evaluate various applications of cognitive robotic process automation with artificial intelligence.

Participants will benefit from a careful balance of lectures and practical workshops. Some of the topics covered include concepts and techniques of robotic process automation; artificial intelligence fundamentals; enterprise system integration; email automation; AI processing of image, speech, language, sentiment analysis; and interactive conversational virtual worker/assistant. There will be projects and assessment to reinforce participants’ learning as part of the course.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify enterprise business use cases and applications to implement intelligent process automation (IPA), leveraging technologies of intelligent software agent and process automation.
  • Evaluate intelligent process automation techniques, including desktop automation, web automation, visual user interface automation, spoken language and written document understanding, sentiment analysis, image text extraction, customer face detection, customer speech recognition, task agent interaction and automation through voice commands.
  • Architect IPA applications useful to learner’s organization using tools: E.g. Virtual workers/assistants for customer care. E.g. Enterprise visual and user interface automation applications using artificial intelligence, chat-bot, and computer scripting for mortgage application automation. E.g. Reinforcement learning agent for research, innovation and video game industry.
  • Develop IPA Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

What Will Be Covered

This course will cover:

Day 1

  • Process Automation
  • Process Automation Workshop: Desktop Application
  • Process Automation Workshop: Local and Cloud Artificial Intelligence

Day 2

  • Intelligent Agent
  • Intelligent Agent Workshop: Interactive Virtual Assistant
  • Intelligent Agent Workshop: Reinforcement Learning

Day 3

  • Developing Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Intelligent Process Automation Workshop: MVP
  • Course Assessment


Tan Liong Choon

Liong Choon is currently a Senior Lecturer cum consultant in ISS. He started his career in ISS as Deputy Director of the National Infocomm Competency Academy in 2007, to help spearhead the development and implementation of competency-based training in various Institute of Higher Learning in colla...

GU Zhan

GU Zhan (Sam) lectures Master of Technology programme in the areas of data science, machine intelligence, soft computing, and applied deep learning. Prior to joining ISS, he was in New Zealand running Kudos Data start-up, which focussed on training programs to democratize artificial intelligence ...

Tan Tzann Chang

Tzann’s experience spans business and technology strategy, management and operation areas. He currently teaches business, technology and digital product strategy and management, and is the course manager for Digital Product Strategy stackable course. His past advisory engagements included busines...

NICF- Intelligent Process Automation (SF) at NUS Institute of Systems Science

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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