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About the course

Create Successful Outcomes in Commercial Negotiations

In a highly competitive business environment, your ability to create the best possible outcomes in a negotiation setting will determine the success of your business. It is no longer enough to rely on persuasion or stubborn rigidity to overcome competing interests. The best negotiators are able to strategically influence the other players, secure robust agreements and build professional relationships in the process.

Negotiation Skills is a practical and effective two-day program that provides you with in-depth experience backed by the latest business practice to bring your negotiation and persuasion skills to world-class level. You will step out of this program confidently equipped with a psychological advantage in understanding power, interaction dynamics and negotiation strategies and tactics, and ready to influence decision-making.

Program Benefits

Learn to adapt creatively to any negotiation strategy

Develop skills to close and negotiate deals more profitably

Ennhance the methods and skills you need to effectively execute any negotiation from preparation to closing the deal

Real-life negotiation simulations help you learn to meet challenging negotiation situations

Improve profitability through structured trading rather than price concessions

Develop skills for dealing with emotions in negotiation, handling difficult situations and building trust relationships

Work in harmony with your personal style (change what you do, not who you are)

Gain measurable improvement in individual negotiation skills and organizational competence

Create the terminology and frameworks you need to jointly drive your negotiations

Contents and Schedule

The Negotiation Skills program is a 2-day program.


Before the program you will receive the textbook by Fisher, Ury and Patton: ”Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement without Giving In”. Please use the book as an orientation for the topic and reflect on your own experience. What ideas are useful for you? What could you apply in negotiations with your customers or partners?

Negotiation Skills

Day 1


Create an action plan by using information from sales and other processes to determine what is missing and making a plan to obtain it, and using other tools to improve insight


Create a roadmap for the deal by defining objectives, strategy, key issues, limits, team role, alternatives, and BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement)

Execution (mechanics)

Create value proposals by learning about structure, summaries, time-outs and other tools to manage the flow and dynamics of negotiation sessions

  • Team exercises (using role-reversal methods to improve negotiation readiness)

Day 2

Execution continued (Psychology of Negotiation)

  • - Managing different negotiating styles (negotiating style, type of negotiators)
  • - Hardball tactics/ reacting to tricks and threats
  • - How to achieve your goals (hidden interests, increase value for both sides, increase your share)


Verify whether the objectives are met, ensure that all critical details have been addressed and find areas for improvement

Who should attend

Commercial negotiators, experienced professionals and strategic decision makers, for example, senior management, sales and account directors, global business leaders

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