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Mar 12—13, 2020
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Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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About the course

Agencies make millions of transactions each year using micro-purchase procedures; the personnel with micro-purchase authority are tasked with protecting the interests of the agency and the taxpayer throughout this process. You will learn the fundamental guidance on making purchases using micro-purchase procedures, explain the rules that apply, and examine the laws and regulations that govern such purchases. You will leave class with the expertise to carry out your job reliably and effectively after completing immersive exercises and supplemental readings.

Learning Objectives

  • Make purchases using micro-purchase procedures
  • Explain the rules that apply to such purchases

Course Topics

Introduction to Micro-Purchases

  • Definitions
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Micro-Purchase or Not a Micro-Purchase?

Micro-Purchase Authority

  • The Concept of Agency
  • Authority
  • Ratification of Unauthorized Commitments
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Corporate vs. Government Authority
  • Exercise: Ace Electronics
  • Exercise: Friendly Behavior

Initiating the Purchase

  • The Traditional Requisition/Purchase Request Process
  • Alternate Requisition/Purchase Request Processes
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Trouble with Trouble-Shooting
  • Exercise: Tracking Bulk Funding
  • Exercise: Quotation vs. Shipment
  • Exercise: It’s All Computerese To Me

The Source of Supply Decision

  • Specific Priorities for Supplies and Services
  • Inventories of Requiring Agency
  • Excess Personal Property
  • Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (FPI)
  • Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled
  • Wholesale Supply Sources
  • GSA Schedules
  • GSA Advantage!
  • Government Sources for Printing and Printed Items
  • Factors to be Considered in Determining Whether an Established Source Must Be Used
  • Open Market Micro-Purchases
  • Section 508 Requirements for EIT Acquisitions
  • Environmental and Energy Conservation Policies
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Determining Source of Supply
  • Exercise: Completing the Delivery Order
  • Exercise: Who's On The List?
  • Exercise: Required Sources
  • Exercise: Competition Under Micro-Purchase Procedures
  • Exercise: Technical Acceptability

Micro-Purchase Methods

  • Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Cards (The GSA SmartPay 2 Program)
  • Blanket Purchase Agreement
  • Purchase Order (OF 347, SF 1449, or Similar Form)
  • Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher, SF 44
  • Imprest Fund/Third Party Draft
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Awarding When Price Is Not Set
  • Exercise: Blanket Purchase Agreement
  • Exercise: What’s Wrong Here?

Administration and Follow-Up of Micro-Purchases

  • FAR Clauses
  • Implied Warranties
  • Government Rights
  • Remedies Short of Termination
  • Termination for Convenience
  • Termination Due to Inadequate Contractor Performance
  • Special Procedures For Orders Placed With GSA Schedule Contractors
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Does $500 for One Always = $1500 for Three?
  • Exercise: Changed Circumstances and Order Cancellation

Who should attend

This course is ideal for personnel in technical or program fields who are authorized to make purchases under the micro-purchase thresholds or contracting personnel who need warrant maintenance training.

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