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Measuring and Managing Performance in Supply Chain and Logistics Operations

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About the course

Corporations often struggle with a lack of alignment between financial goals and operational metrics. Additionally, today’s information technology often overwhelms management with data and metrics. In this three-day course, you will develop effective supply chain performance measurement processes to drive alignment across your corporation. Learn how to synchronize supply chain and logistics metrics with key company financial metrics and goals. Through coursework and hands-on exercises, learners discover how to focus on the most important aspects of operations and overall corporate goals. Performance dashboards from participating learners' companies and best-in-class organizations will be critiqued so that findings can immediately be put to use in the corporate environment.

What You Will Learn

  • Supply chain and logistics services performance dashboard
  • Technology issues
  • Cultural issues
  • Performance of business partners management
  • Metrics development
  • The latest research

How You Will Benefit

  • Develop your competencies so you can increase your proficiency in management of data and metrics.
  • Have your company’s performance dashboards (KPIs) critiqued, and immediately put the methods learned in the course to use in the corporate environment.
  • Design a performance measurement architecture using its three dimensions: types of measures, measuring context, and stakeholders’ perspectives.



  • Measuring corporate performance
  • Managing corporate performance


  • Exercises to illustrate how to design a supply chain and logistics services performance dashboard
  • Discussions on technology issues: applications for building dashboards, mobile reporting and big data analytics


  • Results-Oriented Work Environments (ROWE)
  • Performance-based incentives and human talent evaluation
  • Managing performance of business partners

Who should attend

This course is designed for chief supply chain officers, executive vice presidents of supply chain, executive vice presidents of procurement, company owners, logistics service providers, consultants, vice presidents of sales operations, vice presidents/directors of process improvement, executive/senior/vice presidents/directors of supply chain, executive/senior/vice presidents/directors of logistics, executive/senior/vice presidents/directors of procurement, executive/senior/vice presidents/directors of manufacturing, and executive/senior/vice presidents/directors of distribution.

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Maria Paula Ferguson

Paula Ferguson is a professional education instructor for the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute. As a consultant and lecturer, she specializes in Demand Driven Supply Networks, and in particular, the areas of strategic procurement and business performance management. She has dev...


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