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Market Research

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Market research is the foundation of acquisition strategy. Understanding the relevant industry practices, commercial solutions, and potential services that meet organizational requirements enables contracting personnel to make the best choices for their agency. You will learn and apply the basic principles, tools, and methods for performing market research, from defining the term to gathering information to documenting results. A special focus is given to commercial versus developmental products and locating small business sources.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the purpose, characteristics, and benefits of market research
  • Discuss the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements related to market research
  • Identify the sources of market information
  • Describe the various methods of conducting market research
  • Interpret and analyze the results of market research
  • Document the results of market research

Course Topics

What Is Market Research?

  • Types of Market Research
  • Goals and Benefits of Market Research

Regulatory Requirements

  • Requirements for Conducting Market Research
  • Who Performs Market Research?
  • The Six-Step Market Research Process
  • Documentation Requirements

Sources of Market Information

  • Guided Demonstration of Sources on the Internet

Gathering Market Information

  • Guidance for Gathering Information
  • Sources Sought or Requests for Information Guidelines

Evaluating Results

  • Analyze Results
  • Identify Sources Can Meet Contract Requirements
  • Determine if Commercial Sources Can Meet Requirements
  • Determine Whether Requirement Can Be Set Aside for Small Business

Documenting Market Results and Conclusions

  • Preparing the Market Research Report

Who should attend

This course is designed for contracting or requirements personnel involved in developing requirements and acquisition planning.

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