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Texas LBJ School

Managing Personal and Organizational Change

Jan 16, 2020
Austin, Texas, United States
USD 575
USD 575 per day
Apr 15, 2020
Austin, Texas, United States
USD 575
USD 575 per day
Aug 4, 2020
Austin, Texas, United States
USD 575
USD 575 per day

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The only thing that is truly constant in today’s world is change. In this program, we will go over the various phases of changes and how they affect an organization. What are some strategies to help facilitate change and deal with resistance within a team or a structure? How can you measure an organizational change to ensure it is carried through fully? Through a series of discussions an exercises, we will explore different approaches and strategies to both facilitating and personally reacting to changes in the professional environment.

Who should attend

Managers interested in developing and enhancing leadership skills and knowledge.

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Wharton School of Business

Leading Organizational Change

Wharton Executive Education: Leading Organizational Change

Next dates

Dec 9—12, 2019
4 days
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
USD 9100
USD 2275 per day
May 11—14, 2020
4 days
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
USD 9375
USD 2343 per day


Change used to be episodic. Something you reacted to when it occurred. But in today’s turbulent business environment, change is a constant. You could argue, in fact, that change is your real job. And when it’s part of your daily routine — you need to be prepared with multiple approaches.

Leading Organizational Change is an executive leadership program led by world-renowned experts who have been at the forefront of major organizational change for decades. You’ll learn that real change management requires more than just changing behavior — it’s dependent upon the critical process of changing the work environment to foster this behavior.

Program Highlights & Benefits

In Leading Organizational Change, you will gain:

  • Valuable insights that will broaden your understanding of and alter your perspective on change
  • Specific applications, frameworks, and techniques that will help you drive behavioral change throughout your organization
  • Targeted change initiatives and challenge-specific strategies for use in your current workplace scenarios

Experience & Impact

Leading Organizational Change uses an active-learning approach to blend interactive lectures with simulations, to show you how to identify and develop true need and determine what is necessary to drive behavioral change.

The curriculum integrates the importance of stakeholder coalitions with organizational cultural components, and culminates in a simulation exercise that enables you to apply your newly acquired perspectives and techniques to a particular challenge.

You’ll return to your organization with:

  • A point of view on your role within any change initiative
  • A clear understanding of the complexities involved in the ongoing process of change
  • New insight on when to attempt change, and the organizational capabilities required to drive a change initiative within your workplace

Session topics for Leading Organizational Change include:

  • Targeting change
  • Leading change
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Organizational culture

Global Technology Simulation

During Leading Organizational Change, participants will team up and assume organizational roles within a fictitious company. They will develop a plan for a change initiative and its implementation, and then practice working through this during the simulation exercise.

Who should attend

Leading Organizational Change is targeted to upper-middle to senior managers who are preparing for — or already engaged in — change initiatives.

Participants must be fluent in English. Specifically, they should be comfortable with metaphoric speech.


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Detailed Description
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