Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Managerial Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Available dates

Jan 6—11, 2020
6 days
Kolkata, India
INR 95000 ≈USD 1316
INR 15833 per day


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About the course

The Program aims to focus on the following areas:

Module 1: Development of Individual Potential

Through various small group experiences, participants will explore and examine their interpersonal styles, interpersonal transactions and communication processes.

Module 2: Leadership Styles and Management of Conflicts in Groups and Organisations

The second module will focus on learning about one’s leadership styles and group processes. In simulated group situations, participants will get opportunities to identify their own leadership styles and the consequences on other team members and also to develop skills in the management of conflict. Conflict Management runs parallel with Managerial Leadership. Therefore, this module is designed to help participants (a) Diagnose their own Conflict Management Styles (b) Diagnose the Conflict Situation (c) Deal with Conflict in productive and manageable ways.

Module 3: The Manager as Change Agent

How does the Manager cope with Change? How does he or she participate as a Change Agent in the process of initiating and managing Change? One cannot completely escape from the past, not live permanently in it. Thus, the need for getting rid of yesterday and developing the capacity for self-renewal is the basic requirement of a Change Agent’s Role. Since coping with change demands a commitment to diminish dependence on past practices, conditions that contradict the realities of the present and the problems of thefuture, this module, focuses on the conditions, values and strategies by which Managers can become responsive to Change.


A mix of learning methods compatible with the modular approach will be followed. These include concept sessions, unstructured and structured group discussions, use of diagnostic instruments, role plays, structured exercises and games.

Who should attend

The Programme has been specifically designed for Senior executives in Public/Private Sector, Multinational and Government Organisations, both Central and State. A minimum of five years of senior management experience and the age group 30-50 years is a desirable consideration. Our experience shows that an organisation gets an optimum return from the Programme when it sponsors a team of 2 - 4 senior managers who have direct work relationships and who, on return to the organisation, can draw upon each other’s skills to transfer the learning to the work situation. Although Managerial Leadership and Conflict Resolution is designed for managers from any functional department such as Production, Operations, Finance, Marketing, etc. HRD Managers may find it especially useful.

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