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Jan 27—31, 2020
5 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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May 4—8, 2020
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About the course

Leasing specialists have to master the fundamental concepts involved in the leasing process to ensure they get the best value for their agency. You will participate in highly interactive, hands-on exercises using a lease acquisition case study that simulates the entire lease acquisition process—from requirements development through tenant improvement (TI) construction and acceptance. You will gain the knowledge and skills to bring value to your team and your agency.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide practitioner-level training on the lease acquisition process
  • Engage and challenge through a comprehensive case study simulation of the actual lease acquisition process
  • Ensure consistency across regions
  • Select the appropriate lease model

Course Topics

The Regulatory Environment and Introduction to GSA Leasing

  • Regulatory Hierarchy and the Evolution of GSA Leasing
  • Impact of Lease Reform
  • Lease Acquisition Models
  • Leasing Systems and Resources
  • Lease Acquisition Officer

Requirements and Pre-Solicitation

  • Project Initiation and Project Management
  • Requirements Development and
  • Acquisition Planning

Market Survey Process

  • Market Research
  • Market Survey Process
  • Decision to Solicit
  • Land Market Survey Form
  • Market Survey Report

Understanding the Solicitation Process

  • Request for Lease Proposals (RLP) and Lease Contract
  • Additional Documents Attached to the RLP and Lease Contract
  • Tailoring the RLP and Lease Contract to the Acquisition
  • Sending out the RLP Package
  • RLP and Lease Amendments

Evaluating Lease Proposals

  • Establishing Negotiation Objectives
  • Evaluating Offers
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Final Proposal Revisions
  • Present Value Analysis (PVA)
  • The Price Negotiation Memorandum (PNM)

Preaward/Award Negotiations

  • Preaward Process
  • Assembling the Lease
  • Awarding the Lease and Notifying Unsuccessful Offerors
  • Postaward Actions


  • Design Intent Drawings (DIDs)
  • Finish Selections
  • Construction Drawings (CDs)

Postaward Tenant Improvement Negotiations

  • TI Bids
  • TIs that Exceed the Allowance
  • TI PNM
  • TI Notice to Proceed (NTP) and When it Can be Granted

TI Construction to Acceptance

  • Construction Kickoff and Coordination
  • Progress Inspection Process
  • Change Order Process
  • Final Acceptance Inspection Process
  • Project Closeout

Alternative Lease Strategies

  • Procurement Resources
  • Lease Templates/Models
  • TI Strategy
  • Procurement Strategy

Who should attend

This course is designed for newly assigned leasing specialist. Experienced leasing personnel may choose to use this course as a refresher to maintain their leasing warrants and certification.

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