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Leading With Energy and Focus

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About the course

As a leader you have to constantly think and act within a myriad of demanding tasks, challenges and opportunities. These ever-changing constellations demand to leverage and streamline the impact of your personality, the energy of the organizational unit and the potential of the entire company.

The new St. Galler Leadership Model highlights techniques that are proven in practice to strengthen the personal impact of leaders. The seminar systematically deals with leadership on three different levels.

Programme Benefits

The course offers interactive sessions led by the experts of the University of St.Gallen. Furthermore a variety of innovative approaches is used to support your learning and the practical transfer of the new knowledge with techniques such as:

  • Individual transfer coachings
  • Benchmarking opportunities and live energy measures
  • Life cases und case studies
  • Organized evening programs

Course Structure

The following focal points will be set to ensure a holistic increase in your personal leadership competence. Moreover, experienced coaches will provide a leadership coaching for all participants:

  • Raising the energy of the entire organization: Strategies to mobilize and channel the energy to generate high performance and fitness.
  • Leading direct reports and teams: Learn and work with concepts for inspiring, results-oriented and problem-oriented leadership as well as for leading high performance teams.
  • Self-management: Innovative concepts, methods and tools that help to become more resolute with a more decisive willpower, and thereby leverage your personal leadership impact.

Who should attend

Senior Manager Functional Manager

Trust the experts

Heike Bruch

Heike Bruch is a Professor and Director of the Institute for Leadership and Human Resources Management of the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) since 2001. Professor Bruch is also Academic Director for the International Study Program (ISP) at the University of St. Gallen, member of the McKin...


Jens Maier

In my executive leadership classes on innovation I worked with one particular client in 30 workshops in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Zurich. The innovation landscapes executives identified for their industry looked almost identical: a lot of innovation activities around products and...


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