Booth School of Business

Leading Organizational Change

Available dates

May 4—8, 2020
5 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 10950
USD 2190 per day
Nov 2—6, 2020
5 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 10950
USD 2190 per day


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About the course

Learn powerful methods to revitalize your organization, to gain cooperation, to improve strategic thinking and creative problem solving, to boost performance, and to extract maximum benefit from new opportunities.

Chicago Booth's premiere program for change leadership equips you to create the future of your organization. Today’s senior leaders must guide the successful implementation of new, more effective strategies while promoting the drive, morale, commitment, agility, initiative, and vision of their people.

Through lectures, discussions, small group interaction, and numerous hands-on activities, we connect state-of-the-art, research-based concepts and principles to best practices in leading change and innovation. The atmosphere is active and open—sometimes even playful. The program attracts participants from a wide array of functions, industries, and countries. We draw on the group’s collective experiences as well as on case studies from a variety of sources and media, covering a broad range of leadership challenges. Each day of the program, you apply the tools and concepts learned in the program to a real organizational change case of your own and consult with fellow participants to prepare for the challenges ahead.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Build organizational resilience.
  • Move from competing agendas to organizational alignment.
  • See the "big picture" of the complexities of change.
  • Drive creativity and flexibility in problem solving.
  • Leverage dilemmas to enhance organizational strategy.
  • Ready your organization to seize new opportunities.
  • Create an effective plan of action to achieve change and innovation in your organization.
  • Benefit from post-program consultation with the program faculty.

Program Outline

Building Organizational Resilience

  • Establish trust and credibility as a leader
  • Create a change-ready climate
  • Build and maintain a shared vision

Exploiting Dilemmas

  • Uncover crucial managerial and strategic dilemmas
  • Recognize and manage "natural tensions"
  • Use dilemmas to create better strategies and tactics

Seeing and Communicating the Big Picture

  • Understand the sources of unintended consequences
  • Use "Systems Thinking" to reduce chaos
  • Improve coordination while avoiding "working at cross purposes"

Leading Diverse Stakeholders to a Common Future

  • Uncover conflicting goals, beliefs, and expectations within your organization
  • Manage differences and rivalries
  • Understand your organizational culture and subcultures

Encouraging Creativity and Flexibility in Problem Solving

  • Frame problems for optimal solution
  • Foster innovative thinking
  • Build top-notch teams for recognizing and seizing new opportunities

Winning Hearts and Minds

  • Recognize the mental blocks to accepting new ideas
  • Win over skeptics and naysayers
  • Overcome resistance to change

Developing New Skills and Behaviors

  • Motivate people in times of transition
  • Provide feedback that people will accept and use
  • Manage performance

Developing Action Plans

  • Create concrete strategies for leading organizational change
  • Get everyone on board for the trip
  • Lead up: Upward change management

Who should attend

This program is targeted to executives and senior leadership teams guiding major organizational change. If you are in the midst of, or about to embark on significant change, this program is for you. Participants come from around the world and from all kinds of business, non-profit and governmental entities.

The program is especially recommended for leaders open to new ideas, eager to engage with fellow participants, and committed to leaving the program with an action plan they can implement upon their return to work.

Trust the experts

Joshua Klayman

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Jackie Gnepp

Jackie Gnepp is a licensed consulting psychologist specializing in helping managers to be more effective. She is a Principal Fellow at the Melbourne Business School and the President of Humanly Possible®, a company offering executive coaching, organizational consulting, and management education d...


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Leading Organizational Change

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