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Improving Communications

Leadership & Management Development

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Jun 12
New York, New York, United States
USD 694
USD 694 per day
Oct 16
New York, New York, United States
USD 694
USD 694 per day



This course transforms leaders into more effective and clear communicators. Changed leaders will transform the culture of the organization into a more productive and higher-performing environment that encourages clarity, ownership, initiative, and success.

In this class, supervisors and managers develop the people skills necessary to move their staff forward to the desired goal.

This session uses the Building Excellence (BE) Survey, which identifies a combination of elements that affect how well each individual achieves and performs. Respondents learn about their strengths and productivity preferences useful in developing solutions and action plans to improve performance. Using the BE, staff and leaders develop new ways to assess individual productivity needs, respectfully advocate for training and productivity preferences, develop self-leadership skills, and become more accountable and responsible.

Attendees will gain knowledge and skills required to:

  • Discover Learning/Productivity Style differences, making better use of team diversity;
  • Coach effectively and strategically, increasing employee engagement;
  • Set personal / professional goals, marking progress toward objectives;
  • Inspire greater sense of ownership and ability to take initiative with customers;
  • Empower staff to innovate, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Practice and improve giving feedback with confidence and positivity;
  • Create positive messages, modeling a problem-solving, can-do attitude; and
  • Improve interpersonal communications, meaning an increased public perception of authority and expertise.

Format—Leadership and Management Development is an 8-hour class for up to 20 people.

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Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Employee Engagement and Strategic Leadership: the Manager's Course

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Next dates

May 27—28
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 2850 ≈USD 2130
CAD 1425 per day
Nov 21—22
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 2850 ≈USD 2130
CAD 1425 per day
May 28—29, 2020
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 2850 ≈USD 2130
CAD 1425 per day

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This program teaches managers, directors and vice-presidents how to use leadership techniques that engage employees to contribute more, adapt quickly to everyday change and stress and maintain highly productive working relationships.

You will learn to evaluate various current working relationships with staff and your own bosses, and apply new productivity-building techniques immediately into your workplace.

What You Will Learn

  • Master the principles of employee engagement to build highly productive, results-driven business teams
  • Introduce local leadership practices that involve staff and achieve higher levels of commitment
  • Understand the root causes of poor performance, job stress and employee mismanagement
  • Evaluate your own organization’s health and resilience, plus new ways to lead
  • Use engagement strategies to effectively manage projects and business teams
  • Assess your own level of engagement and find new ways to engage others
  • Use the processes of appreciative leadership to establish highly productive and motivated teams
  • Practise appreciative leadership behaviours and learn to engage others when solving difficult problems
  • Establish drivers to improve operating performance in small and large departments

Course content details

Employee Engagement

  • The key drivers of employee engagement
  • The critical role of management in employee engagement

Appreciative Leadership Strategies to Actively Engage Employees and Achieve Outstanding Productivity

  • Managing in the ‘real world’
  • What it takes to achieve productivity, emotional wellness and resilience: appreciative leadership

Appreciative Leadership Behaviours for Building a Productive and Resilient Team

  • Appreciative intelligence in re-framing problems as potential solutions
  • Appreciative inquiry as a problem-solving technique and way of communicating
  • Appreciative leadership provides teams with the energy to manage change.

Appreciative Communication and Motivation Techniques for High Performance Workplaces

  • Motivation acceptances: how leadership talk affects day-to-day employee behaviour
  • Communication strategies that engage staff and impact performance

Three Types of Leadership Talk, Three Different Impacts

  • Directive talk: Create clarity
  • Supportive talk: Build confidence
  • Inquisitive talk: Learn, build ownership and accountability

Strategic Engagement Practices and Self-Management: Building Supportive Work Relationships

  • Integrating appreciative dialogue into areas of everyday management most related to sustaining employee
  • engagement.
  • Increasing employee accountability and ownership
  • Requesting changes in behaviours
  • Managing performance
  • Negotiating fair outcomes in conflict situations

Learning to Appreciate Your Situation and Yourself

Who should attend

  • Vice-presidents, directors and divisional managers
  • Experienced managers with at least five years’ experience
  • Human resources trainers and organization development specialists
  • Senior managers from sales, IT, operations, manufacturing and finance



Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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