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Leadership Excellence Through Awareness and Practice

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Jun 15—Nov 6, 2020
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About the course


Leaders speak often of the weight of responsibility that accompanies senior leadership positions. The careers, futures and even the everyday quality of life of many, depend upon senior leaders’ decisions.

While today’s leaders are undoubtedly better informed about what constitutes good leadership than at any other time in history, there is often a gap between what they themselves believe they should be doing, and what they are doing today.

Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice (LEAP) helps senior leaders bridge this gap. The six-month journey – comprising three residential modules and individual and group work in between – focuses only to a limited extent on evidence about successful leadership. Rather, we spend most of our time enabling participants to shift behaviour in the areas that would give their leadership the greatest leverage.

The programme is built on the idea that while we know a great deal about what drives effective behaviour, even leaders who are aware of that evidence deviate from such behaviour. Hence we work on making participants aware of thoughts and tendencies, often habitual in nature, which seem to capture them in the moments of decision.

Awareness becomes the first step to reprogramming reactions so that new, more effective habits replace the old.


  • Gain a better understanding of your leadership style, its origins, and impacts on you and others
  • Revisit your priorities – current and future – and hone in on the professional and personal legacy you want to leave behind
  • Shift behaviour in ways that will amplify your strengths and develop new capabilities through identification, development, feedback and practice
  • Complement “doing” with “reflection” thereby enhancing your capacity to self-learn.


The goal of LEAP is to effect change, not simply talk about it. We pursue this goal through the following four steps:

  • Awareness: Using multiple lenses, we allow you to really see yourself – your behaviour and the thoughts and feelings that give rise to behaviour – and your impact on others
  • Intention: Credible intentions coupled with commitments to self and others, raise the chances of successful behavioural change
  • (Overcoming) Interference: Using cognitive behavioural approaches, the programme helps you develop ways to identify and overcome interference
  • Practice: The modular design of LEAP enables you to repeatedly practise the new behaviours you seek, until they become habitual.

The latter describes the process LEAP employs to enable the changes you seek. The areas in which we encourage you to pursue changes include the organisational, the inter-personal and the intra-personal. We address these three levels since it is likely that you do so too in your own leadership.


  • Pursuing strategic clarity
  • Leading and implementing change
  • Understanding, diagnosing and managing stress in organisations
  • Managing emotions in organisations
  • Managing complexity


  • Improving the individual and collective performance of your team
  • Managing subordinate performance and development
  • Holding difficult conversations and dealing with conflict
  • Influencing without authority
  • Networking – why and how
  • The role of emotions in the inter-personal context


  • Understanding yourself: your leadership behaviour and its roots, your cognitive and emotional inner programming, your real drivers
  • Managing yourself: finding the right level of ambition, balancing listening and assertiveness, developing your mindfulness and resilience
  • Looking forward – what kind of leader do you want to become and what are you hoping to obtain from the next phase of your professional and personal life?
  • Recognising and managing your own emotions
  • Functioning of the mind and the mind-body connection.

Who should attend

LEAP is designed for senior executives who are operating at or near the top of their organisations. This includes CEOs, managing directors or executive vice-presidents in large and medium-sized corporations; senior partners in professional firms; senior executives in not-for-profit or public organisations; entrepreneurs; owners of large family businesses; and board members of any such organisations.

Trust the experts

Narayan Pant

Narayan spends much of his time working with senior leaders to improve leadership judgment. In his view, leadership marks itself at the fulcrum of decision – when leaders make choices. Consequently, supporting leaders in the moment of decision has to be a critical part of leadership development. ...


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INSEAD LEAP: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice

LEAP : Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice

LEAP: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice

LEAP: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice

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