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Academy Leadership


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About the course

In just three days, the Academy Leadership Boot Camp will help your leadership skills make a quantum leap to the next level of performance, productivity, and effectiveness. And your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed—or your money back!


With a stable of brands that have become household names—from Pringles to Pampers, Crest to Tide, Bounty to Olay, Folgers to Old Spice — Procter & Gamble is by anyone's standards one of the most successful corporations on the planet.

Founded 166 years ago as a small family-owned soap and candle company, P&G today has annual sales of more than $80 billion and almost 98,000 employees serving customers in 140 countries.

And when P&G CEO Bob McDonald made it his mission to instill powerful, profitable leadership skills throughout his organization, he turned to Academy Leadership's training programs and coaching to make it happen.

Today, more than a thousand executives, professionals, and support staff from both public and private organizations of all sizes have participated in Academy Leadership's workshops and seminars, including our best-selling Leadership Boot Camp Experience.

In this intensive 3-day boot camp, you can create your own personal leadership philosophy, become a better leader, and master skills that can help you improve your business results and accelerate your career.



Prior to attending the Leadership Boot Camp program, you will receive a copy of The Leader's Compass, 3rd Edition and will be required to complete a first draft of your Leadership Philosophy (Leader's Compass). Please allow 3-4 hours for completion of all required pre-work.

Day 1: Know Yourself


The Leader's Journal

Personal Leader Profile

  • Identifies activities that energize a leader.
  • Describes one's most challenging leadership relationships.
  • Learn your preferred style and instinctive needs.
  • Communicate better with people who are wired differently.
  • Describes key issues on how one develops trust.
  • Identifies the correct type of feedback needed.

Goal Setting

  • The SMART formula for setting goals.
  • Providing direction and defining priorities.
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities.
  • Linking team and organizational missions.
  • Measuring results.
  • Rewarding success.

Leader's Compass

  • Why study leadership?
  • Defining leadership.
  • The ten most important leadership principles.
  • Expectations of leaders.
  • The four basic leadership styles.
  • Your personal leadership philosophy.


Allow 1-2 hours to complete the required readings and exercises from Day 1.

Day 2: Know Your People

Communicating as a Leader

  • A systems approach to communication.
  • Causes of organizational communications problems.
  • How messages become distorted.
  • Four ways to handle data overload.
  • Effective listening.
  • Four tips for improving communications.

Creating a Motivational Climate

  • Why motivation is the key to success.
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
  • Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory.
  • Goal setting.
  • Reinforcement, rewards, and punishment.
  • Building a motivational climate.

Leveraging the Power of Conflict

  • Managing conflict for continuous improvement.
  • The five styles of conflict management.
  • Four steps to conflict resolution.
  • Establishing a win-win environment.
  • Six ways to prevent a conflict from recurring.
  • Contrasting assumptions about conflict with implications.


Allow 1-2 hours to complete the required readings and exercises from Day 2.

Day 3: Know Your Stuff

Setting Leadership Priorities

  • What is your time really worth?
  • Four tips for managing your time more effectively.
  • Six ways to manage the time of others.
  • Seven steps for maximizing time use.
  • Identifying and using high-payoff activities.
  • Eliminating unnecessary paperwork and e-mail.

Leading Productive Meetings

  • Three types of meetings and when to use them.
  • Learn the characteristics of successful meetings.
  • Properly prepare for a meeting.
  • Proper actions to chair a meeting.
  • The keys to follow-up after the meeting.
  • Coping with dysfunctional behaviors.

Leader as Coach

  • Nine characteristics of effective coaches.
  • Five keys to great coaching.
  • Conducting performance coaching.
  • Coaching to correct substandard performance.
  • How to be a mentor.
  • Guidelines for gaining productive feedback.


Bill Blackburn

Bill Blackburn, CDR, USN (ret) is the founder and President of Blackburn & Associates, LLC and an Affiliate of Academy Leadership. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Leadership for Villanova University. Bill has spent three careers and over 36 years immersed in the study and practice o...

Ken Smith

Ken is a distinguished graduate from the United States Military Academy class of 1996, where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He left the Army as a Major after 12 years as an Infantry officer, including two combat tours. His assignments included the 82nd Airborne and 25th Infantry Divi...

Kevin Boyd

Experience Leadership Coach & Facilitator Company Name Academy Leadership Dates EmployedJul 2019 – Present Employment Duration5 mos Location Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland Academy Leadership is committed to changing the world, one leader at a time. I am a member of by a group of S...

Judy Mavroleon

Judy Mavroleon has over 30 years of leadership and business management experience in numerous executive positions such as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Director of Finance, and Director of Human Resources for military training sites and higher education. As a Certified Public Accountant (CP...

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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