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Columbia Journalism School

Introduction to Video Storytelling

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The Introduction to Video Storytelling is offered exclusively to enrolled undergraduate and graduate students earning credit. This course is offered in collaboration with the Columbia University School of Professional Studies.

In Introduction to Video Storytelling, you will learn how to report news and feature stories, using multimedia with an emphasis on storytelling techniques through video. This course will teach the essentials for digital delivery of a narrative: how to develop story ideas, reporting techniques, scripting, audio and visual digital editing, and multimedia storytelling structures. You will be coached on conducting interviews for video, pitching and reporting a story and editing and presenting the final feature. You will leave with a broader knowledge of multimedia journalism and an understanding of the most advanced technologies available for video storytelling.


Week One

May 22 (Monday)

  • Elements of a Successful Story
  • Video-worthy Stories
  • Review of Camera

May 24 (Wednesday)

Shooting Techniques

Week Two

May 31 (Wednesday)

Elements of Composition

Week Three

June 5 (Monday)

  • Introduction to Adobe Premiere CC and Workflow
  • Editing Workflow

June 7 (Wednesday)

  • Managing Audio
  • Setting up Sit-down Interview
  • Conducting a Video Interview

Week Four

June 12 (Monday) and June 14 (Wednesday)

  • Elements of Pitching
  • Pitching and Reporting
  • Week Five

June 19 (Monday) and June 21 (Wednesday)

  • Reporting and Editing

Week Six

June 26 (Monday), June 28 (Wednesday), June 30 (Friday)

  • Editing and Presentation
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The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Storytelling for Persuasive Presentations

Next dates

Aug 28, 2019
London, United Kingdom
GBP 595 ≈USD 721
GBP 595 per day
Nov 19, 2019
London, United Kingdom
GBP 595 ≈USD 721
GBP 595 per day


Have you ever wanted to create presentations that are more effective, compelling, insightful and actionable? This course shows you how to move beyond data, ‘facts’ and information and harness the power of ‘Storytelling’. Storytelling is a proven technique used by authors, journalists and thinkers which can have a dramatic impact on the way you, your company and your agencies communicate.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn how to think, speak and present in stories not catalogues, survive and thrive in the Data Rich Insight Poor (DRIP) world and avoid the duvet presentation.
  • Create a Golden Thread of structure, rather than ‘just one thing after another’.
  • Learn to simplify and edit, edit, edit.
  • Write less and think more.
  • Use the basic elements of storytelling.
  • Learn the difference between the presentation deck and the leave behind.
  • Use your - and your company’s - time more efficiently.

Who should attend

This course is for anyone who prepares and presents arguments, recommendations and conclusions – either for themselves or their company (all levels from director downwards). Those who present data or research will find it particularly useful, such as: research agencies, media agencies, ad agency planners and account managers, client insight/research teams and sales managers.