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Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

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Seminar #2508 Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

Next dates

Apr 25—26
2 days
New York, New York, United States
USD 2545
USD 1272 per day
May 15—16
2 days
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
USD 2545
USD 1272 per day
Jun 13—14
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 2545
USD 1272 per day
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You have the power to create change and inspire successful outcomes

Get ready to examine your managerial style and increase your self-awareness. Here’s your chance to adapt to change, navigate conflicts, and motivate your people. You’ll have an opportunity to experience management simulations and role-model the specific behaviors that will enable you to perform at your very best, to move from being a boss to a coach who gets results. Attend this seminar to learn how to conquer obstacles that can make or break a career in management.

How You Will Benefit

  • Increase your confidence and gain better buy-in from your team
  • Create a high-performance team with shared goals
  • Motivate your people and help to connect work with a purpose and meaning
  • Gain practical tools to deal with conflicts and challenging employees
  • Quickly adapt and change your behavior to better drive productivity
  • Acquire the behaviors and competencies of a transformational coach
  • Get feedback and answers to your challenges through simulations

What You Will Cover

  • Understanding your role as a learning leader to influence team members
  • Developing self-awareness of your style and behavior
  • Understanding what it takes to create a high-performance team
  • Identifying remedies to fix dysfunctional teams
  • Developing your team members to reach their highest potential
  • Knowing how to become a transformational coach
  • Identifying motivating triggers, barriers, and generational differences
  • Applying intrinsic motivational strategies
  • Assessing your conflict profile and applying the most effective approach for handling conflicts
  • Learning to deal with real workplace challenges through management simulations
  • Navigating team dynamics

Special Feature

This Seminar Features Blended Learning. AMA Blended Learning combines instructor-led training with online pre- and post-seminar assessments, tune-up courses and other resources to maximize your training goals. Through a blend of proven instructor-led seminars and powerful online technology, AMA Blended Learning provides a compelling and more comprehensive experience for the learner—producing a greater return-on-investment for the employer and the seminar participant.


Learning Objectives

  • Define Your Managerial Role as a Learning Leader
  • Extend Your Adaptability
  • Apply Strategies and Tools to Create a High-Performance Team
  • Motivate People By Using the Intrinsic Motivation Approach
  • Apply Coaching Methodologies
  • Navigate Your Team Through Conflicts
  • Assist Your Team Members in Their Professional and Personal Development

The Manager as Learning Leader—The Manager’s Style

  • Determine Your Role as a Learning Leader
  • Identify the Primary Behavioral Characteristics of Each Style
  • Determine How Your Behavioral Style Influences the Actions of Others
  • Plan Actions to Improve Personal and Group Effectiveness Using a Range of Behavioral Styles

Creating a High-Performance Team

  • Determine the Difference Between a Team and a Group
  • Apply Tools to Create High-Performance Teams
  • Use Agreements to Improve a Team’s Health

The Manager as a Developer of People

  • Explain the Connection Between a Learning Organization and the Development of Its Members
  • Create a Team Environment That Encourages Learning and Development
  • Apply Tools to Develop Your Team Members

The Transformational Coach

  • Redefine the Role of Manager as a Learning Partner
  • Contrast Transactional and Transformational Coaching
  • Assess the Readiness of Your Work Environment for Effective Partnership Coaching
  • Assess Your Current Coaching Competencies
  • Apply Coaching Processes and Behaviors

Style and Motivation

  • Determine the Key Values That Are Typical of Each Behavioral Style
  • Select Motivators to Meet Individual Needs
  • Apply an Intrinsic Motivational Approach
  • Address Generational Differences

Managing Conflict

  • Assess Your Personal Preferences for Dealing with Conflict
  • Identify Five Primary Modes for Managing Conflict
  • Apply the Most Effective Approach Based on the Conflict Situation

Management Simulations

  • Apply Seminar Topics in an Integrated Way
  • Apply Seminar Topics to Address Real-Life Team Situations
  • Navigate Team Dynamics

Who should attend

Experienced managers with three to five years of management experience who are interested in enhancing their managerial effectiveness.


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Detailed Description
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