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How to Manage Your Emotions While Under Stress

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Feb 6, 2020
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About the course

Maintain Your Composure When You’re Under Pressure

Every part of your work life places you in close proximity to people trying to get their unique jobs done. You have demanding clients, colleagues who are wonderful to work with and some with whom you have a sometimes tense relationship.

When you add in the constant requests, expectations and demands you face on a daily basis, you have a recipe for stress. At those times when tensions run high, emotions get frayed. An angry word, foul mood or bungled interaction can significantly damage your relationships with bosses and coworkers.

You can’t change the way others feel and act; you can only change the way you react to them.

This webinar gives you the opportunity to develop the steady self-control that people respond to and respect. You’ll discover powerful tips and tactics to help lessen the intensity and duration of someone else’s outburst and help you stay calm while dealing with challenging situations. It helps you build a foundation for more positive days at work, with a proactive approach to managing your emotions in stressful situations.

What you will cover

Your positive emotional well being is a key to nurturing successful relationships at work. This webinar teaches you the skills needed to harness positive behaviors and reduce toxic emotions that can damage your professional relationships, tarnish your reputation, or derail your career.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how you respond to stress and develop strategies for staying cool
  • Manage your emotional energy at work and carry less stress back home
  • Develop the steady self-control it takes to communicate with others when emotions are high
  • Break on-the-job habits that cause self-induced stress such as procrastination and perfectionism
  • Follow through on plans, turn good intentions into reality and meet more goals.

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