Available dates

Mar 11—13, 2020
3 days
Rotterdam, Netherlands
EUR 3295 ≈USD 3753
EUR 1098 per day
Jun 24—26, 2020
3 days
Rotterdam, Netherlands
EUR 3295 ≈USD 3753
EUR 1098 per day
Nov 25—27, 2020
3 days
Rotterdam, Netherlands
EUR 3295 ≈USD 3753
EUR 1098 per day


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About the course

Learn the language of finance in business. After all, you need to understand finance for successful decision-making. This three-day programme provides senior managers with the necessary financial knowledge and skills you need to work effectively with your colleagues in finance and accounting.

Equip yourself with the latest financial knowledge

Decisions and actions such as launching a new product or service, investing in new production facilities, doing acquisitions or disposing of businesses require a fundamental understanding of key concepts in finance. Learn how to deal with the financial side of business during this Finance for Senior Managers programme by RSM Executive Education, including business valuation, ratios and financial performance.

You will be better prepared to deal with your firms’ counterparts such as banks, consultants, clients and investors. The programme, which is led by finance and accounting expert Prof. Mike Page, will better equip you to apply all facets of finance in your role as a general senior manager. Are you ready for this next step in your career?

Learning objectives

During the programme, you will:

  • learn how to read key financial statements
  • apply the major ratios to analyse financial performance and strength
  • explore different methods to analyse investment projects
  • learn how to forecast cash flows and discount rates for investment decision-making
  • articulate and apply the principles of value-based management
  • investigate the key methods for business valuation.

Who should attend

The three-day Finance for Senior Managers programme is designed for all executives, such as senior managers, who need to further develop their financial knowledge and skills to prepare for the next step in their careers.

Trust the experts

Michael Page

Michael Page is a professor of management specialised in optimising organisational performance based on social and human capital development. He has theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of finance and management education. In finance, Michael’s expertise includes measuring corporate ...


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