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Dec 4, 2019—Jan 11, 2020
8 daysModules info
Montreal, Québec, Canada
CAD 4895 ≈USD 3701
CAD 611 per day
Jan 22—Feb 8, 2020
8 daysModules info
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
CAD 4895 ≈USD 3701
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Apr 29—May 23, 2020
8 daysModules info
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
CAD 4895 ≈USD 3701
CAD 611 per day
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About the course

This flagship program condenses key topics from leading MBA and EMBA courses into eight high impact days. It is designed to boost your career success through a comprehensive understanding of the pillars of business: strategy, marketing, finance, negotiations and people skills.

As the “rules of the game” are changing in almost every functional area of an organization, this learning experience offers timely exposure to new techniques, tools and trends. Launched in 1949, this is Canada’s top concise management program with hundreds of participants graduating each year.

Delivered in Montreal, Toronto (Mississauga), Ottawa, Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver, the format fits well with the workday of busy professionals from both private and public sectors.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Capture key learning points from an MBA without the time and cost burden
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of core management functions and how they intermix
  • Receive a toolkit of insights, skills and best practices for an immediate impact on the job
  • Examine best practices in leadership, engagement and coaching employees reach their potential
  • Improve your ability to think strategically, understand where to go, and implement plans to get there
  • Sharpen your financial literacy in order to make quality management decisions
  • Understand the facets of marketing excellence, raising awareness and creating value
  • Practice negotiation techniques to achieve successful, win-win outcomes
  • Connect with an exceptional peer group from diverse backgrounds

Topics covered during the program

Strategic Analysis

  • Performing industry analysis
  • Building competitive advantage
  • Creating alignment in your organization
  • Leveraging future trends in your industry
  • Competing for the future

Human Resources Skills

  • Team-building and networking
  • Managing for high performance
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Being an effective leader

Accounting and Finance

  • Accounting concepts
  • Financial statement analysis
  • The balance sheet: Assets, liabilities, equity
  • Income and retained earnings statements
  • Statement of changes in financial position
  • Behaviour of direct, indirect, fixed and variable costs
  • Break-even analysis
  • Allocation of costs
  • Relevant costs for decision-making
  • Economic value-added
  • Capital budgeting (long-term investment decisions)

Managerial Negotiations

  • Negotiating successfully: fundamental tools and approaches
  • Preparing for negotiations
  • Understanding the stages of negotiations
  • Knowing when and how to share strategic information
  • Negotiating in teams


  • Market research
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Positioning and customer knowledge
  • Product and service line management
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Communications and distribution channels
  • Customer experience management

Who should attend

This program is valuable for those in corporate, government and nonprofit sectors who want to be at their best, but haven’t had time for a full MBA or EMBA program. It also represents an opportunity for those considering an MBA who wish to “test the water” before making the full cost and time commitment. It is perfect for managers who have had exposure to one functional area and plan to move into general management responsibilities.

Trust the experts

Julia Scott

Julia Scott (CPA, CA, CFA, MBA) s’est jointe à l’Université McGill au cours de l’année 2000 et dirige actuellement les programmes CA et CPA à la Faculté de gestion Desautels. Elle est une sommité dans les domaines de la comptabilité financière et de l’analyse d’affaires, et conseille les gens qui...


Miriam Carver

As a faculty member of the McGill Executive Institute and lecturer in the Desautels Faculty of Management, Miriam Carver’s areas of expertise include leadership development, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, building teams, customer service, executive coaching, and emotional intelligence. ...


Robert MacKalski

Robert MacKalski is a marketing and branding specialist who works with high-growth companies to help them develop their marketing and branding strategies. Following his MBA in 1995, he cofounded the e-commerce company, Peachtree Network, and led the company's efforts in sales and marketing. After...


Don Melville

Don Melville is an expert in strategy and competitive advantage. In his prior roles as Director at Secor and Senior Consultant at CapGemini, he led a number of activities aimed at achieving strategic excellence for multinational corporations. He is currently a faculty member in the areas of finan...


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