Oxford Management Centre

Essential Skills for Oil & Gas Managers & Supervisors

Available dates

Mar 9—13, 2020
5 days
London, United Kingdom
USD 5950
USD 1190 per day
Aug 17—21, 2020
5 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
USD 6950
USD 1390 per day


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About the course

This highly-interactive Oxford seminar will help demonstrate how oil & gas managers and supervisors can effectively build strategies and work practices to overcome the current challenges, uncertainties and succeed in running the business.

It will help managers and supervisors learn the intricacies of Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas operations. It will highlight the success factors of the industry and provide them with the tools and techniques to effectively deal with the risk and uncertainties and make investment decisions confidently.

The Oxford seminar will analyze the latest ways to improved productivity, profitability and Health, Safety, & Environment of Oil & Gas Industry.

Seminar Objective

Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Understand the Dynamics of International Oil & Gas Industry
  • Recognize Global Supply & Demand of Oil, Gas, and LNG and their Future Trends
  • Examine the Critical Segments Exploration, Drilling, Completion, Production of Oil & Gas
  • Be cognizant of Pricing Mechanism and International Benchmarks of Oil, Gas and LNG
  • Analyse Joint Ventures, Production Sharing and Concession Agreements
  • Calculation of Reserves, Profitability, Return on Investment and Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Conduct Economic Evaluation and Project Analysis of Oil & Gas

Seminar Outline

  • Gain a thorough understanding of Main Success Factors of the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Understand the Basic Operations of Seismic, Drilling, Logging, Casing, Cementing & Well Completion
  • Estimate Reserves, Evaluate Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques suitable for Oil & Gas fields
  • Examine Production, Transportation and Distribution of the Global Oil & Gas
  • Evaluate the Business Aspects of Oil & Gas Contracts, Joint Ventures and Fiscal Regimes
  • World Oil & Gas Consumption, Supply, Prices and Prospects for the Future
  • Master Economic Evaluation, Evaluate Profitability Index, and Internal Rate of Return
  • Understand the Refining Processes & their Complexity and Examine Refinery Margin
  • Investigate the Financial and Energy Risk Management
  • Examine Oil & Gas Safety, Leadership, and Effective Management Skills

Who should attend

All individuals who have a stake in building successful teams and providing effective leadership:

  • All Leaders, Managers and Professionals in Oil & Gas
  • Earth Scientists, Geologists, Geophysicists and Engineers
  • Safety Managers, and Senior Technicians
  • Investment Bankers and Fund Managers
  • Media Analysts and Commentators
  • Exploration, Production and Refinery Managers
  • Marketing, Law, Human Resources, Accounting, and Finance Personnel
  • Anyone requiring a broad understanding of the Structure, Operations and Economics of the Oil & Gas Industries

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