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About the course

Effective Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies is a thorough examination of today’s most successful fundraising methods and theories. Not only will you learn to identify and motivate prospects, you will also discover the pivotal role of both funding sources and human capital resources. Most importantly, you will enhance your ability to raise and manage funds that fuel your transformative social programs.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Capitalize on Philanthropic Motivations and Behaviors
  • Effective Ways to Identify Potential Donors
  • Winning Techniques to Approach and Persuade Donors
  • Reliable Methods to Promote Recurring Giving
  • Tested Strategies for Volunteer Training
  • How to Efficiently Manage Donor Data


8 Week Course

Lesson 1 - Philanthropic Trends

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Philanthropic Trends: Part 1
  • Philanthropic Trends: Part 2

Lesson 2 - Marketing and Your Agency's Story

  • Agency Branding, Marketing, and the Power of Your Story
  • Branding, Strategy, and Tactics
  • The Importance of Your Agency's Story
  • Creating Your Story

Lesson 3 - Transactional Fundraising

  • Transactional Fundraising
  • The Sticky Message
  • Making Your Event a Meaningful Experience

Lesson 4 - Transformational Donors

  • The Power of Individual Giving
  • What Must Be in Place?
  • Setting the Stage
  • The Transformational Process
  • It Feels Different...
  • Volunteers in Stewardship

Lesson 5 - Making the Ask

  • Making the Ask
  • High Net Worth Household
  • Planned Gifts – The Ultimate Gift
  • Bequest Donor Traits

Lesson 6 - Donor Success in the Digital Age

  • Donors in the Digital Age
  • Publicly Available Data
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics

Lesson 7 - Organizational Success

  • The Success Formula
  • Records, Record, Records
  • Ingredients for Organizational Success
  • Steps to Success

Lesson 8 - The Emerging Trends of Philanthropy

  • Philanthropic Analysis
  • Philanthropic Debrief
  • Conclusion

Who should attend

This course is crucial to those within the nonprofit sector who are tasked with raising money to fund their various social programs.

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