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Duke Corporate Education

Driving and Influencing Change

Mar 24—26, 2020
3 days
Sandton, South Africa
ZAR 22425 ≈USD 1511
ZAR 7475 per day
Nov 10—12, 2020
3 days
Sandton, South Africa
ZAR 22425 ≈USD 1511
ZAR 7475 per day

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In Driving and Influencing Change, you will explore how change has impacted your own life and discover what it means to adopt an adaptive mindset.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain new perspectives on how we get work done, execute on strategy and succeed when the parameters keep shifting.
  • Apply change models in your own business context.
  • Obtain the knowledge, tools and dispositions to become true practitioners of driving and influencing change.

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Kellogg School of Management

Driving Organizational Change

Next dates

Oct 28—31, 2019
4 days
Cook County, Illinois, United States
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Mar 30—Apr 2, 2020
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Cook County, Illinois, United States
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USD 2287 per day


Achieving business goals through purposeful change management

In today's complex global business environment, it's no longer enough to merely respond to change. Successful leaders are able to anticipate the impact of marketplace adjustments, new regulatory requirements, a change in business strategy or the implementation of new technology within their organizations. By taking a holistic approach to their change initiatives, these leaders create an agile work environment while promoting organizational resilience.

In this innovative program, you'll engage in project-focused learning using your own challenges as a platform for putting the latest theories and tools into practice. You'll leave prepared and motivated to guide your organization through major change efforts. We encourage organizations to send teams to this program. Together, members will have the opportunity to create a plan, get feedback from faculty and other leaders with a fresh perspective and become "change champions" on your return to the office.

Key Benefits

  • Gain insight into the relationship between organizational strategy, the external landscape, and change agendas
  • Understand the dynamics between change management, organizational design and project management
  • Develop an action plan for your own real-life change challenge
  • Appreciate the psychological and physical demands of change on the people within an organization
  • Leave with a robust and reusable change management methodology

Program Content

This program is designed to be utilized as a workshop. Two case studies will be used throughout the program to demonstrate change management concepts, however, participants are encouraged to bring their own work-related change challenges to the program.

Anticipating and Defining Necessary Organizational Change

  • Understand how the business landscape and business strategy act as the guiding force for most change agendas
  • Define what the desired state of change is and how it differs from the current state
  • Consider the impact of change on the entire organizational ecosystem

Planning for Organizational Change

  • Learn how to write a business case for change
  • Consider the institutional enablers and barriers to change based on the organization’s history and culture
  • Collect and synthesize key data to guide the direction and impact of change plans
  • Identify and understand how to address key stakeholders’ concerns

Implementing the Organizational Change Plan

  • Discover how to use advocacy and influence to promote and drive the change agenda with key stakeholders
  • Learn to manage resistance to proposed change
  • Explore options for linking change management plans to related project management plans
  • Learn how to build and deliver four key change implementation plans addressing communications, education, accountability and resource support

Sustaining Organizational Change

  • Explore the psychology and physiology of change
  • Identify key change metrics and create a system for monitoring progress and success
  • Discover how to create a flow of sponsorship for change to each level of the organization

Who should attend

  • Senior-level executive leaders who want to create value through reframing and driving organizational change
  • Cross-functional executive teams who are tasked with reframing and driving organizational change


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