Leading Disruptive Change and Innovation: Your Plan for Breakthrough Growth

American Management Association

How long?

  • 2 days
  • online, in person

What are the topics?

American Management Association


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Who should attend

Senior managers in all industries who are responsible for choosing and implementing an organizational and divisional strategy that will produce optimal results.

About the course

Breakthrough growth isn’t about luck. It requires that everyone in the organization change their mindset from what is to what if and create a disruption. Disruption equips us with the ability to withstand external threats, like competition, technology, government regulations, demographic shifts, economic uncertainty, and other influences.

As a leader of disruptive innovation, you will help your business capitalize on new opportunities and safeguard it against stagnation and obsolescence. In this program for experienced leaders, you’ll identify and develop pivotal skills for being a visionary leader who is able to get ahead of the curve, prime others in your organization to welcome disruption, and do away with the common organizational resistance that often prevents companies from embracing the unexpected.

How You Will Benefit

  • Develop and apply a curious, “what if” mindset—the ability to think “futuristically”
  • Be ready to embrace and implement rapid changes
  • Identify and respond to both threats and opportunities for disruption
  • Understand and assess disruption from the point of view of those being disrupted
  • Develop inner courage and willingness to face disruption
  • Acquire strategies to overcome organizational stagnation
  • Enable a consistent flow of ideas into the innovation pipeline
  • Lead your organization to positive change

What You Will Cover

  • Building a shared understanding of what is meant by “disruption”
  • Creating your “Ripe for Disruption” checklist
  • Developing the “disruptive mindset”: create, engage, adapt
  • Learning and building the skills for disruptive leadership
  • Discovering how to design disruption
  • Scanning the environment for trends, opportunities, and threats
  • Identifying technologies and other factors that have potential to cause disruption
  • Deepening your understanding of companies that are more likely to be disrupted
  • Characterizing the market landscape for your industry
  • Applying tools for identifying and building agile responses
  • Experiencing “disruption wars” through an interactive simulation
  • Developing leadership courage in yourself and others
  • Building an effective disruptive innovation action plan for your organization


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Types and Sources of Disruption in Today’s Markets
  • Recognize What Leads Companies to Be Ripe for Disruption
  • Define Sources of Disruption in Social and Technological Change Patterns
  • Apply Tools for Adapting to and Leading Through Disruption to Success
  • Identify Your Personal Challenges with Disruption and Face Them with Curiosity and Courage

Introduction to Disruption

  • Define Disruption as Viewed in Today’s Business World
  • Recognize What Makes an Organization Ripe for Disruption
  • Understand the Forces Influencing and Leading to Disruption


  • Define and Appreciate the Value of Agility in the Face of Disruption
  • Recognize New Value Drivers That Will Lead to Success
  • Spot Barriers to Companies Taking Actions in the Face of Disruption

Scan Trends

  • Take a Comprehensive Study of Where Disruption Might Be Coming to Your Industry and Market from the More Encompassing Environment
  • Identify Potential Innovations and Technological Advances That Are Likely to Change the Way Your Business Will Work in the Future
  • Anticipate New Desires of Customers and Potential Competitive Developments That Could Disrupt Your Work

Build as You Go

  • Move Beyond SWOT in Order to SOAR
  • Envision What the Future of the Company Could Be
  • Establish a Path to Grow
  • Anticipate New Business Models and Partners Needed to Achieve Successful Disruption

Practice Case Study

  • Practice and Refine Your Ability to Apply Environmental Scanning Skills to a Particular Situation
  • Design a Disruptive Move Within an Established Organization and Test Your Ideas in Real Time
  • Establish the Initial Steps for Organizing and Implementing the Disruptive Move

Agile Response

  • Identify the Characteristics of Adaptable Organizations
  • Recognize the Difference of Managing Disruption from Inside an Incumbent Versus Creating a Spin-Off Organization
  • Identify the Skills and Experiences of Managers That Are Valuable When Taking on a Disruptive Target
  • Identify Critical Management Structures That Support Achieving Disruption

Leadership Courage

  • Evaluate Your Own Current Capacity to Lead Within a Disruptive Environment
  • Access New and Existing Behaviors That Support Disruptive Innovation

My Action Plan

  • Identify the Areas of Your Learning That You Wish to Put into Practice
  • Put Your Learning into Action with Concrete Steps That Will Bring Awareness of Disruptive Change into Your Organization
  • Continue to Apply the Principles You’ve Gained in This Class and Bring These to Your Company

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Leading Disruptive Change and Innovation: Your Plan for Breakthrough Growth at American Management Association

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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