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Coaching Skills for Leaders

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Coaching is about building relationships—and it’s essential in order for your organization to move forward together to achieve better results. Being an effective coach requires skills that can be practiced and mastered, including listening, building credibility and trust, and showing empathy. In this course, Cornell University’s Dr. Samuel Bacharach, will help you distinguish between coaching and traditional supervision. You will identify the five functions of coaching and the rules for having coaching conversations. Finally, you will examine some of the classic coaching mistakes that people often make and identify how you can avoid repeating those mistakes yourself.

Key Benefits

Participants who complete this courses will be able to...

  • Clarify the goals of coaching
  • Examine coaching as a relationship
  • Identify the five functions of coaching
  • Explore the critical aspects of a coaching culture

Topics Include

Module 1 - Explore Coaching

  • Coaching in Organizations
  • Coaching as a Relationship
  • Coaching vs. Traditional Supervision

Module 2 - Develop Your Coaching Skills

  • The Five Functions of Coaching
  • Common Coaching Mistakes

Module 3 - Listen Like a Coach

  • Best Practices for Listening Proactively

Module 4 - Navigate Goals and Obstacles

  • Clarify Goals
  • Mapping Goals to the Four Arenas
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Who should attend

This course is intended for anyone with over three years of professional experience who needs to use the skills and strategies of coaching to drive superior organizational results.


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