American Management Association

Coaching and Counseling for Outstanding job Performance

Available dates

Dec 2—3, 2019
2 days
New York, New York, United States
USD 2445
USD 1222 per day
Feb 10—11, 2020
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 2445
USD 1222 per day
Mar 16—17, 2020
2 days
Arlington, Washington, United States
USD 2445
USD 1222 per day
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About the course

Enhance the potential of every employee to become more effective, productive and committed.

Every employee can reach higher levels of performance, including your average and best performers. What they need is a manager who can coach: someone who can routinely observe, assess, and interact in ways that develop and maximize their individual effectiveness. This is your seminar to raise their potential and level of performance and get the most out of your team.

How You Will Benefit

  • Improve your ability to coach
  • Minimize repeat performance failures
  • Close the gaps between current and desired performance and outcomes
  • Assist and challenge your best performers to greater levels of success
  • Integrate coaching seamlessly into daily interaction with your people

What You Will Cover

An Introduction to Managerial Coaching

  • Assess your team for gap between potential and current performance
  • Recount expert definitions of business coaching and integrate that with your own conceptions
  • Cite research on coaching impact on measurable performance improvements

Skills in Support of Coaching

  • Practice coaching to become comfortable and skilled in asking open-ended questions
  • Practice listening for skill improvement
  • Develop critical distinctions for language and make distinctions through live application

The AMA Coaching Interview Model

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the two integrated halves of the model
  • Observe demonstrations of the model’s application
  • Perform all five steps of the AMA Coaching Model in live practice

Key Issues Related to Effective Coaching

  • Challenge the notion of “coachability,” replacing it with “receptivity to coaching”
  • Engage in self-examination of attitudes that support or thwart successful coaching
  • Assess current behavior—plan to eliminate “coaching-opposed” behaviors and adopt “coaching-supportive” behaviors

Special Feature

Your seminar experience includes intensive “coaching labs”—team coaching sessions with hands-on skills practice to reinforce learning and application.

Learning Objectives

  • Define and Use the AMA GUIDE to Managerial Coaching to Enhance Your Team Members’ Performance, as Individuals and Members of a Great Team
  • Integrate Coaching Seamlessly into Your Everyday Managerial Duties
  • Minimize a Team Member’s Repeat Performance Failures
  • Increase the Likelihood of Performance Breakthroughs by Assisting and Challenging Your Best Performers to Higher Levels of Performance
  • Appreciate the Benefits of Drawing Out and Strengthening Each Team Member’s Talents and Abilities

What Is Managerial Coaching?

  • Define Managerial Coaching
  • Learn the Differences Amongst Coaching and Other Ways to Help People

Skills in Support of Coaching

  • Ask Great Open-Ended Questions
  • Listen More Effectively

The AMA GUIDE to Managerial Coaching

  • Understand and Explain All the Components of the AMA GUIDE to Managerial Coaching Process
  • Coach Others Using the AMA GUIDE to Managerial Coaching

Issues Related to Effective Coaching

  • Address the Conflicting Roles of a Coaching Manager Who Is Both a Judge of Performance and a Developer of Talent
  • Assess Your Teammate’s Receptivity to Coaching and Improve Upon It
  • Examine Your Attitudes That Support or Thwart Successful Coaching
  • Assess Your Current Behavior, Eliminate Actions That Oppose Coaching Behaviors and Adopt Those That Support It

Who should attend

Managers who want to improve results and get higher performance from their team.

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