Certificate in Women's Leadership

Merage School of Business

Merage School of Business


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Who should attend

Program is designed for women seeking to advance their career through leadership, influence, communication and confidence. We invite professionals of all genders who support women.

About the course

A unique new program for women in leadership

"A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult. This 'voice' is your best tool in the boardroom." – Melinda Gates

UCI’s Women’s Leadership program is preparing women to find their voice and not just take a seat at the leadership table, but to leverage their unique skills to create and shape these tables.

The Paul Merage School of Business has a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion and is the number one business school in the world for percentage of female faculty (Financial Times MBA, 2019). From this perspective, the Office of Executive Education presents this unique new program for Women in Leadership.

This interactive program covers major topics including:

  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Financial Planning Designed for Women
  • Power Presence for Women
  • Cultivating Your Social Media Presence
  • Corporate Board Governance
  • High Quality Team Decision Making
  • Panel - Women on Boards: Maximize Your Impact
  • Panel - Women Supporting Women: How We Can Empower One Another

Program Objectives

  • Provide women leaders with tools to build a consistently confident, credible and impactful personal leadership presence
  • Discuss the unique leadership skills women can employ and leverage to shape the future or organizational cultures
  • Create C-level panel discussions for open dialogue to address impactful topics including the recent California law mandating female representation on public company boards
  • Provide women leaders with exposure and networking opportunities to share ideas and strategies with participant peers, faculty, executive leadership coaches and C-level executives.
  • Create actionable plan for immediate practical application of key concepts
  • Form mini-affinity groups for long lasting, on-going peer coaching following the program

This program offers an intentionally small, intimate environment with a capacity of only 50 participants, therefore registering early is highly recommended.


Session 1: Women in Leadership - The Foundation

  • Barriers women face in leadership positions (stereotypical gender roles, the double-bind, tiara syndrome, queen bee phenomenon, imposter syndrome, identity crisis, etc.)
  • Mixed messages to address the dilemma are not sufficient (Teach women to be more like men/Don’t be too nice, etc.)
  • Managing imposter phenomenon and overcoming self-doubt.

Session 2: Networks, Mentors, Sponsors & Allies

  • Learn the importance of intentionally building support systems to enhance your organizational presence
  • Create strategies to build relationships and leverage your networks
  • Mentors, Sponsors and Allies: How to find them and how to be them
  • Ally to action

Session 3: Team and Organizational Presence

  • Avoid the traps of “do it all myself” and build a team: The basics
  • Organizational dynamics: learning to navigate systems effectively
  • Navigating male-dominated systems and teams

Session 4: Negotiation Strategies for Women

  • Develop negotiation skills with a simulation and debriefing that highlights the impact of a variety of strategic and tactical choices
  • Cover best practices that are applicable to all, and emphasize solutions to the particular challenges that professional women face during negotiations
  • Provide concepts and a framework to effectively analyze the negotiation situation
  • Expand your toolkit of useful negotiation skills, strategic planning and tactics

Session 5: Build a Powerful Leadership Presence

  • Learn practical strategies to show up in an intentional, credible and impactful manner
  • Identify & craft your own power identity
  • Learn the three components of building a powerful leadership presence
  • Identity: How I see myself
  • Image: How I present myself
  • Interpersonal Connection: How I connect and interact with others


Janet Ioli

Bio Janet is an executive coach, leadership and organizational development consultant, and an engaging speaker and workshop leader. Her experience helping people become better leaders and navigate through change spans over twenty five years. During this time, Janet has designed and led a myriad o...

Christopher Bauman

Chris Bauman's research addresses how people make sense of and respond to their social environment, including the individuals, groups, and organizations with whom they interact. One line of his research focuses on how individuals determine issues of ethics and fairness. This work includes studies...

Lisa Barron

Dr. Lisa Barron is a faculty member of Organization and Management at The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine. She teaches creativity, negotiation, communication, organizational behavior and leadership. Lisa has received twenty teaching awards for her negotiation, str...

Michelle Beauchamp

Helping others recognize their greatness within is Michelle’s passion. She is joyful when she sees others achieve the results they desire and deserve. Michelle’s expertise is in Sales and Leadership. Her training and coaching business, The Champ Group, provides professional and personal developm...

Klara Farkas

You are only as effective as your ability to communicate your ideas. Helping leaders and teams develop the essential skills of Communication that advance valuable ideas is my mission. As the former (and might I say luckiest!) gal who introduced Taco Bell to fans worldwide, I tackled strategic co...

Valerie Sheppard

Valerie Sheppard has more than 30-years of experience in branding, business strategy development and execution, and coaching from both line management, teaching and consulting roles. She is certified professionally-qualified to teach at the collegiate level by the AACSB, and has taught both under...

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Certificate in Women's Leadership at Merage School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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